Infographic: Etihad's Top 7 Ways to Relax in Abu Dhabi


If you are looking for a relaxing get away look no further than Abu Dhabi. There is so much to do or not do, depending on what relaxation means to you. The only real restriction is how much time you have!

While this city constantly evolves there are a few things that remain the same: Abu Dhabi is known for its lavish ways, so if you are after a break where you will be waited on hand and foot, you are in the right place…Expect to be treated like royalty.

Sound good? What’s stopping you! We have put together our top tips on how to relax when you visit the jewel in the UAE’s crown.

Planning a trip to Abu Dhabi? Whether you choose to fly in First, Business or Economy Class, we endeavor to make yourflights to Abu Dhabian enjoyable one.

Infographic: Etihad’sTop 7 Ways to Relax in Abu Dhabi