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Top 5 Things To Do in Zimbabwe

  • Take an inspiring helicopter ride over the beauty of Victoria Falls
  • Enjoy the adrenaline pumping thrills of white water rafting down the famous River Zambezi
  • Take a horseback safari through Hwange National Park in search of the Big 5
  • Explore the mysteries of the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, a site dating back to the 11th century
  • Ride an elephant through Antelope Park and get up close and personal with the rehabilitated lions in the area

Plan Your Zimbabwe Holiday

The vast expanses of the African savannah are breathtaking. On the outer edges of the savannah you can see the outline of the magnificent mountains. There are 8 National Parks in Zimbabwe, each offering differing experiences for the traveller. From safaris in the great savannah plains to trekking in the mountains to thrilling activities surrounding Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is a diverse tourism destination filled with vibrant and warm people.

During the winter months Zimbabwe enjoys its dry season. October, November, and February are the best times of year to go on a safari as the weather is reasonable and the chance of seeing all of the wildlife that you want to see is much higher as the animals stay close to the watering holes in the dry winter months. Buy your tickets to Zimbabwe in advance if you are visiting during December or January as this is national holiday season in the area and the parks are extremely busy. Cheap hotels in Zimbabwe are easy to find all year round and flight deals to Zimbabwe are available on Etihad Airways Deals section.