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As soon as a visitor arrives to Sarajevo, he or she can enjoy the fine culture of a beautiful city. For centuries, it has been home to several religions, including Muslim, Serbian Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Sephardi Jew. Sarajevo was also the home to philosophers, writers, poets and scholars, such as Vladimir Prelog, at the time of the Ottoman Empire. It also has the only independent theater company in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the East West Theatre Company. Speaking of the stage, the Sarajevo National Theatre has been in business since 1921.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Sarajevo

  • Alley in Ilidza is made up of 726 trees of maple-leaved trees, planted in two rows, as well as dozens of wild chestnut trees planted in the 1800s. It is an ideal tourist attraction for nature lovers.
  • Ba èar ija, also known as the Old Sarajevo's marketplace, was built in 1896 on spacious lots linked by a complex of a number of entangled little streets.
  • The Bosniac Institute Library houses more than 80,000 books, along with a vast collection of art, including oriental handwritings, multimedia publications and photographs.
  • The gorgeous Town Hall was built in pseudo-Moorish style, and was officially opened in 1896.
  • Built in 1798, the Latin Bridge is where the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sofia took place. For centuries, Sarajevo was known to the rest of the world solely for the assassination.

Getting around Sarajevo is rather easy, thanks to its intercity buses. It is also surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. While the historical and exquisite city of Sarajevo is easy to travel to, as well as get around, the warmhearted natives may be the single most alluring benefit.

Weather in Sarajevo

14 °C
Friday24 Nov 2017
1 °C
Saturday25 Nov 2017
7 °C
Sunday26 Nov 2017
-3 °C
Monday27 Nov 2017
3 °C
Tuesday28 Nov 2017
6 °C
Wednesday29 Nov 2017
5 °C
Thursday30 Nov 2017
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