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Discover stunning Nepal

Book flights to Nepal to experience the wonders of this magical mountain kingdom.

It’s a place where some of the world’s greatest peaks tower over ancient temples and pagoda-filled cities. While prayer flags line mountain pathways, wishing good health and prosperity to those passing through.

Experience the hiking holiday of a lifetime, whether it’s within the stunning Annapurna Conservation Area or on one of the trails around Everest.

Paraglide, zipline and bungee jump against the spectacular Himalayan backdrop, or take on a Nepali river on a rafting adventure.

Spend time soaking up the country’s unique mix of Tibetan and Indian influences, through the religion, art and food of Kathmandu. Or discover the caves, lakes and waterfalls at Pokhara.

Begin your journey into the heart of the Himalayas on a flight to Nepal with Etihad Airways.

What's the weather like in Nepal?

The figures shown are for Kathmandu.

Average temperatureAverage rainfall





































Nepal is a year-round destination, protected from the cold winter winds of Central Asia by the Himalayas. The monsoon season falls between June and September, which is when the country sees the vast majority of its annual rainfall.

The average weather figures are for Kathmandu Valley, which enjoys a fairly temperate climate with temperatures averaging between 20°C and 35°C in the summer and between 2°C and 12°C in the winter months.

Flying to Nepal with Etihad

ancient city in kathmandu valley in nepal

Kathmandu (KTM)

Nepal’s capital city is an ideal base for any trip to Nepal. A treat for the senses, Kathmandu juxtaposes beautiful temples in its Old Town with lively markets and medieval squares. All is set against the backdrop of the Himalayas just a short distance away.

Fly to Kathmandu with Etihad

Reasons to visit Nepal

sunset behind boudhanath stupa kathmandu nepal

Experience one of the world’s most welcoming nations

You can’t miss the coloured flags strung up at peaks and elevations across Nepal. In fact, you may even see some as you begin your descent during your Nepal flight.

A long-held tradition among Tibetans and the Nepalese, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom, with each colour representing a different sentiment.

This warmth of spirit is reflected in the country’s people, with Nepal known for its hospitality. You’ll be welcomed to the country with open arms and, quite possibly, an invitation to one of its many cosy teahouses.

landscape view kathmandu durbar square nepal

Explore thousands of years of Asian history

Nepal’s Hindu and Buddhist temples are true masterpieces, their red colouring a striking feature of the skyline.

Durbar Square in Kathmandu has the best of the bunch. A collection of elevated, tiered temples which are positioned so they overlook the city. While Nepal’s best-preserved medieval town, Bhaktapur, offers the tallest temple in the country.

Those visiting Nepal’s oldest temple, the 1,500-year-old Changu Narayan Temple, will enjoy art through the ages from the Himalayan region. As this is a religious monument, remember to dress accordingly and cover your arms, shoulders, chest and legs.

hikers descend against a spectacular backdrop in the mountains of nepal

Trek some of the world’s most dizzying peaks

Best experienced in-person, rather than through the pages of a magazine, the Himalayas provide a truly unique experience and contain some of the tallest peaks in the world.

Mount Everest is the highest peak of them all. It straddles the border between Nepal and Tibet and stands proud at 29,000 feet.

The third highest mountain in the world, Kangchenjunga, is around 80 miles away, and creates a stunning jagged line across the horizon.

Things to know before you fly to Nepal

holiday Celebrating Dashain

Each September or October, the Nepalese come together to celebrate Dashain, a festival dedicated to good prevailing over evil. People travel home to be with their families and most businesses close for the duration – 15 days in total.

currency Local currency

The currency of Nepal is the Nepalese rupee (NPR), with 100 paisa making up one rupee. You can exchange most major currencies in Nepal and there are ATMs in major locations.

globe Language

Nepali is the most widespread language in Nepal, with English spoken as a secondary language. English speakers are more common in the capital, Kathmandu, and other main tourist areas.

socket Plugs

Nepal uses three plug types. Type C, with two rounded pins, type D, with three rounded pins, and type M, with three rounded pins. You may wish to consider buying a world travel adaptor before arriving in Nepal.

Flying to Nepal: FAQs

Which airport will I fly to in Nepal?

Your Etihad flight to Nepal will land at Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM) – the country’s main airport, about three miles outside of Kathmandu.

From Kathmandu, it’s possible to fly to Pokhara to visit some of the country’s main tourist sites. However, bus routes are the most common way to travel across the country.

What is the food like in Nepal?

You’ll find many Asian classic dishes on offer in Nepal, often with a Nepalese twist. Vegetables, lentils and spices are all key to this cuisine. Look out for the delicious dumplings called momo, served with a dipping sauce – usually a fresh tomato chutney.

How much time should I spend in Nepal?

The length of a stay in Nepal tends to depend on the nature of the trip. Travellers to the Kathmandu Valley can see the main attractions in two or three days. If you want to fit in a visit to Pokhara, then five to eight days is about right. For a trekking getaway in Nepal, people often visit for two or three weeks.

Why we love Nepal

“There’s a real magic about Nepal that everyone should experience. There are the incredible mountains, the gorgeous temples and the warm welcome from residents. You’ll know as soon as you land that you’ve arrived in a special place."

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