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Plan a pilgrimage to Medina

Book flights to Medina and join the millions of pilgrims journeying to the vast Prophet’s Mosque, Al-Masjid an-Nabawi. A central and iconic landmark in the city, the mosque’s Green Dome can be seen for miles around.

Islamic history, artefacts and museums are among the highlights of any trip to Medina.

tombs in mada in saleh saudi arabia

There’s much to explore in the holy city of Medina. Quba Mosque is hailed as the first mosque every built, while Mount Uhud is the site of the historic Battle of Uhud.

Learn about the Quran or take a tour out to the 131 intricately-carved rock tombs that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Madain Saleh.

Medina is a city of worship, beauty and history. There are mosques to admire, luxurious hotels to stay in, and museums to explore.

Book your Medina plane tickets with Etihad Airways today to explore this radiant city.

What's the weather like in Medina?

Average temperatureAverage rainfall





































Medina is a hot city throughout the year with very little rainfall. Expect high temperatures between May and September.

For cooler temperatures, visit from November through to March. Religious pilgrimages take place at any time of year.

Reasons to visit Medina

al masjid al nabawi saudi arabia

See the sacred sights

Millions of pilgrims fly to Medina from across the globe to see the final resting place of Islam’s founder, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Easy to spot in the city, his tomb sits below Medina’s iconic Green Dome in the Prophet’s Mosque. The mosque, thought to have been built by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself, dates back to AD 622.

With space for up to a million people, the building is one of Medina’s most spectacular sights. In the ‘city of the Prophet’ there are many monuments and tributes to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as well as other sacred places. The Martyrs of Uhud Cemetery commemorates 85 martyred Muslim soldiers from the Battle of Uhud.

antique koran saudi arabia

Dive into the city’s history in Medina’s museums

Across Medina you can learn about the city’s past, see important artefacts, delve into the history of the Quran and view a wide selection of artwork. Medina’s Dar Al Madinah Museum showcases Islamic artefacts alongside a depiction of how the Prophet’s Mosque has evolved over the years, providing a fascinating insight into the city’s most famous landmark.

The Holy Quran Exhibition is home to nine original Qurans, some of which are over 400 years old. A flight to Medina gives you a rare chance to see many of these original texts in one place.

a public park in medina saudi arabia

Green spaces in the city

Alongside the mosques and malls of Medina, there are plenty of public spaces and parks to relax in and explore.

Palms Park is a big green space in the city – somewhere with playgrounds for children and palm trees offering shade to relax under. Visit Jabal Ohud Garden after dark to see the dancing fountains and surrounding areas lit up beautifully. Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Park is one of the biggest and best-known parks – offering cabin spaces with electric outlets for families to relax in for the day.

Things to know before you fly to Medina

plane Airport transfers

A dedicated bus service transports visitors from Medina’s airport to the Holy Prophet’s Mosque. You can also pre-book a transfer with Etihad. Taxis and car rental are also available.

charities Cultural considerations

While exploring the city it’s important to remember that, as of time of writing, the central part of Medina is off limits for non-Muslims. All visitors should dress modestly, avoiding tight-fitting clothes. Women should cover their knees, shoulders and head.

bus Getting around Medina

To see all of Medina’s top attractions, you could try a hop-on hop-off bus tour that the city offers. There are also other bus services transport pilgrims to Medina’s Quba Mosque and the Martyrs of Uhud Cemetery. Taxi apps and other taxi services are available too.

holiday Religious holidays

Key Islamic holidays throughout the year are celebrated in Medina. Al-Hijra is Islamic New Year, Eid ul-Adha is the Festival of Sacrifice, Eid ul-Fitr signifies the end of Ramadan and the Prophet’s birthday is also celebrated annually. Specific dates depend on the Islamic calendar.

Flying to Medina: FAQs

Where should I stay in Medina?

If, like Medina’s many pilgrims, you’re here to visit the Prophet’s Mosque then you will find a great selection of luxury hotels nearby – ideal for visiting the mosque and surrounding sites.

How many days should I spend in Medina?

Five to seven days allows a good amount of time to see Medina’s top sights and enjoy some traditional Saudi Arabian hospitality. Stay for longer and you can plan in a couple of day trips – perhaps a short break in Yanbu for some of the country’s best scuba diving.

What else should I see in Medina?

Medina’s museums have a wealth of fascinating exhibits and artefacts. For a day trip out of the city, visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Madain Saleh. More than 100 immense tombs have been carved into the rocks here, all with impressive artwork etched on the outer walls.

What should I eat in Medina?

Medina’s food culture is influenced by the many pilgrims from around the world who come to visit. This means it’s easy to find a restaurant for every taste bud in the city. If you want to try a local speciality, the Medina region is well known for its dates.

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