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Explore enchanting Lebanon

Fly to Lebanon and find a destination where lush Mediterranean landscapes meet Middle Eastern culture and cuisine, creating a heady mix of ancient history, spellbinding architecture and tantalising food.

Medieval souks, Roman ruins and glimmering turquoise seas sit alongside luscious vineyards, endless mountains and mesmerising landscapes.

Touch down in Lebanon’s fascinating capital, Beirut. Fast-paced and exhilarating, this is a city synonymous with fun, and has a thriving arts scene to match. Spot Byzantine mosaics and ancient buildings nestling between glamorous rooftop bars and world-class restaurants.

Beirut, like much of Lebanon, is famed for its delicious, hearty food.

Be sure to sample some kibbeh – hand-rolled from seasoned bulgar wheat, they’re fried to form a crispy outer shell, then stuffed with spiced minced lamb.

A truly unique and beautiful country where Christianity and Islam come together to create a welcoming way of life, Lebanon flights from Etihad Airways allow you to experience it all for yourself.

What's the weather like in Lebanon?

Figures shown are for Beirut.

Average temperatureAverage rainfall





































Lebanon’s location on the Mediterranean means that it enjoys consistently warm conditions, making it a popular year-round destination. Take a flight to Lebanon in the summer and you can expect particularly hot and sunny weather.

Temperatures often reach up to around 30°C during this time. Winters see much greater rainfall, but temperatures are still pleasant. Weather may vary from region to region.

Flying to Lebanon with Etihad

pigeons rock beirut in lebanon

Beirut (BEY)

Begin your Lebanese adventure in the country’s most exciting city. Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY) is just five miles (8 kilometres) from Beirut’s hip downtown, complete with vibrant coffee shops and sophisticated bars.

Expect to be greeted by independent art galleries, swish skyscrapers and designer boutiques. The city is a truly modern, yet cultured, metropolis.

Fly to Beirut with Etihad

Reasons to visit Lebanon

mediterranean jbeil port lagoon lebanon

The fascinating city of Byblos

One of the most enticing reasons to book flights to Lebanon is a visit to the wonderful, ancient city of Byblos. Inhabited since 8000BC, stroll its cobbled streets to discover the beauty of this historic coastal destination, which lies around 25 miles (40km) north of Beirut.

Explore the impressive 12th century castle before shopping for souvenirs at the nearby souk. Later, spend time relaxing by the harbour, overlooking the twinkling Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy fresh seafood by the shore and experience the streets coming to life once dusk has fallen.

bacchus temple in baalbek lebanon

Visit the ruins of Baalbek

A cornerstone of Lebanese history, the Baalbek temple complex is a sacred monument. Beautifully carved ancient columns make the site one of the country’s most prized historical treasures. The complex is so well preserved, that it rivals the famous Parthenon.

Explore the three main temples – the immense Temple of Jupiter, the grand Temple of Bacchus and the horse-shoe shaped Temple of Venus.

shopping at beirut souks lebanon

Shop in the souks

Lebanon offers a rich shopping experience for visitors, with leading designer labels, Middle Eastern trinkets and beautiful pieces of jewellery all jostling for your attention.

The Beirut souks give you the chance to immerse yourself in a true Lebanese tradition. Explore the hidden passages and crowded alleyways, soaking up the sounds, sights and scents of this colourful world – and picking up a bargain or two from the array of market stalls.

Things to know before you fly to Lebanon

meals Local cuisine

Combining Middle Eastern flavours with Mediterranean flair, Lebanese cooking offers iconic favourites such as hummus, falafel and sweet baklava – with small mezze style dishes popular.

currency Local currency

The local currency of Lebanon is the Lebanese pound (LBP). However, US dollars are widely accepted. Haggling is often expected in markets.

globe Language

The official language of Lebanon is Arabic. However, many other languages are spoken including Armenian, French and Kurdish – with English spoken in many hotels and tourist areas.

socket Plugs

Lebanon uses type C, D and G plug sockets. The electricity outlets are 230V, so you may need to bring a converter depending on where you’re travelling from.

Flying to Lebanon: FAQs

What food is Lebanon famous for?

Food is a big part of Lebanese culture. Baba ganoush, made from chargrilled aubergine, and hummus, blended chickpeas with plenty of lemon juice, are served up with pita bread for dipping. Shawarma, marinated meat served in a pita bread with fresh salad, is a street food favourite. Those with a sweet tooth will love baklava, layers of filo pastry stuffed full of toasted nuts and drizzled in syrup.

How long should I spend in Lebanon?

If you are flying to Lebanon on holiday, three or four days may be enough to comfortably see all the main attractions in Beirut. However, if you are looking to truly immerse yourself in the local culture, enjoy some fascinating day trips, and explore the wider country, allowing for a week to 10 days is a good idea.

Is Lebanon in the Middle East?

Lebanon is part of the Middle Eastern region of the Asian continent, with its position on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea making it a fascinating gateway between east and west. This is reflected in its heritage, culture and cuisine.

Why we love Lebanon

“It’s easy to fall in love with the vibrant, youthful energy of Lebanon – especially in Beirut. The colourful street art, vibrant souks and exciting attractions welcome you back time and time again, inviting you to explore all it has to offer. The food is simply amazing too.”

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