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Majestic Egypt

Renowned for its history, ancient architecture and, of course, the River Nile, Egypt is truly a unique destination.

Fly to Egypt and take a journey on the longest river in the world, visit the world-famous tombs just outside the capital, or enjoy a relaxing break on the beach. The warm waters of the Red Sea are sure to tempt you in for a dip.

arabian camels walking in desert egypt

Prepare to have your breath taken away when you see the Great Pyramid at Giza or Luxor’s Valley of the Kings for the first time. Modern Egypt has a lot to offer as well. Head to the water and you will discover some of the finest dive sites on the African continent.

Explore the vibrant souks of downtown Cairo or relax at the resorts of the Red Sea Riviera. Begin your journey into the jewel of Northern Africa with a flight to Egypt with Etihad Airways.

What's the weather like in Egypt?

What's the weather like in Egypt?

Figures shown are for Cairo.

Average temperatureAverage rainfall





































Travelling to Egypt between October to April you’ll find pleasant temperatures – with highs of 20°C or above in October and November, although it can feel cool and windy at night.

In the Egyptian summer, from June to August the heat can be intense, and there’s virtually no rainfall. From autumn through to spring, it’s a little cooler, and there’s still little rainfall month on month.

Flying to Egypt with Etihad

sultan hassan mosque in cairo

Cairo (CAI)

Where better to begin your adventure than in the capital, built on the banks of the River Nile. Flying into Cairo, you’ll get a taste of its modern-day culture while getting the chance to see ancient wonders including the iconic pyramids and the Great Sphinx.

Fly to Cairo with Etihad
boat on river nile aswan

Aswan (ASW)

Aswan, in southern Egypt, offers an alternative, quieter side of Egypt, although it’s still a busy city in its own right. Drive to the Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser for amazing views and an insight into a fascinating history. Foodies will enjoy the spice markets, while history lovers have plenty of tombs and ruins to explore.

Fly to Aswan with Etihad
karnak temple complex in luxor

Luxor (LXR)

Luxor is the starting point for many cruises along the River Nile. Take a trip back in time in this city and admire the breathtaking monuments that remain from ancient Thebes. Wander through the colossal temples and halls of Karnak and discover the tombs of former rulers along the banks of the Nile.

Fly to Luxor with Etihad

Reasons to visit Egypt

great pyramids of giza egypt

Grandeur of the Giza Necropolis

No visit to Egypt is complete without experiencing the spectacle of the pyramids. The Giza Necropolis takes in the Great Sphinx and three pyramids – including the Great Pyramid of Giza, the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence.

These giant structures have withstood the desert winds since 2,500 BC. Designed as lavish tombs for pharaohs, they’re feats of ancient engineering that have to be seen to be believed.

valley of the kings egypt

Discover the Valley of the Kings

The gateway to the fabled Valley of the Kings, Luxor is built on the site of the ancient city of Thebes – the pharaohs’ seat of power for centuries.

Explore the temples of Karnak and Luxor, then head across the river to the west bank of the Nile to see the twin sandstone statues known as the Colossi of Memnon. Here you will also find the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. These sacred sites contain temples, tombs and an array of archaeological wonders.

Luxor is a great place to begin a cruise along the Nile, or to enjoy a sunset trip on a felucca – a traditional wooden sailing boat.

colorful coral reef in red sea egypt

Wonder at the Red Sea Riviera

Despite its name, the tranquil waters of the Red Sea are in fact a rich blue. Visitors come for the sun-swept beaches and breathtaking dive spots on the Red Sea Riviera, a collection of cities stretching along the western shores of the coast.

Snorkel in the shallow waters along the beachfront and marvel at the underwater world, where reef sharks bathe, abandoned wrecks rust, and elusive dugong graze on the seabed.

Things to know before you fly to Egypt

meals Local cuisine

When in Egypt, try ful medames. Typically served for breakfast, this simple but delicious stew is made with fava beans, oil and salt, and often served with falafel and pitta bread.

accommodation Local currency

The national currency is the Egyptian Pound. In Egypt’s resort towns, you’ll find many ATMs and currency exchange locations.

globe Language

Egypt is a nation of many languages and influences. Egyptian Arabic is the most widely spoken language, but you’ll find that many locals speak English too.

socket Plugs

Power plugs and sockets in Egypt are type C and F. If you’re not travelling from a country using these types, it’s a good idea to purchase a universal adaptor for your electronics before you travel.

Flying to Egypt: FAQs

Where should I fly to in Egypt?

Cairo (CAI) is extremely well-connected and can serve as a gateway to the wider nation or be enjoyed as a destination in its own right. Whether you want to cruise the Nile, visit the pyramids, swim in the Red Sea or wonder at the disc-shaped Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Cairo is a great starting point.

Do I need to carry my passport in Egypt?

You don’t need to carry your passport with you while you’re in Egypt, but it is advisable to keep a form of ID with you. If you prefer peace of mind, keep a photocopy of your passport with you and leave your passport in a safe and secure place.

How many days do you need to visit Egypt?

Most visitors to Egypt tend to take between 10 days and two weeks to explore the country. How long you spend in the country depends entirely on your list of must-do activities. Two weeks should be enough to enjoy the key sites, but you could easily spend far longer.

Why we love Egypt

“Egypt has so many treasures to discover - from the awe-inspiring ancient pyramids to cruises on the world’s longest river. It offers amazing diving and relaxation too. This is a country that really does have it all.”

Why fly to Egypt with Etihad?

You have the option to shape your journey when you book plane tickets to Egypt with Etihad.

Choose how you would like to check in, pre-book an airport transfer online and add extra baggage before you fly.

All our cabins have been designed with comfort at the core. With reclining seats and adjustable headrests you can sit back and relax on your flight to Egypt.

Economy guests looking for more legroom or extra space have a choice of upgrade options.

Your journey will fly by, with the latest movies, music and TV shows available on our inflight entertainment system.

Take your pick from our selection of complimentary meals – chosen for the season and inspired by your destination. Pair your choice with a beverage from our range, or buy extra snacks and drinks from our buy-on-board menu in Economy.

*Aircraft, cabins and services may vary by route and flight. You can check this when you search for your flight. This page was last updated Sept 2019.

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