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The wonder of China

Book flights to China and discover a country rich in history, beauty and culture.

It’s a nation where modern megacities sit amid the world’s oldest continuous civilisation, where traditional temples and palaces rub shoulders with windswept deserts and bamboo forests.

chinese new year lanterns china

There’s something for every kind of globetrotter in China – from backpackers and hikers to history-lovers and food tourists. Find excitement in the dynamic cities of Beijing and Shanghai, or serenity in the valleys of the Sichuan province, the mountainous regions and tranquil lakes. And, thanks to its size, you can visit China at pretty much any time of year and find good weather.

Once you’ve booked your China flights with Etihad Airways, you can start to map out your itinerary for your Chinese experience.

A treasure trove awaits you, a country awash with natural beauty, innovation and ancient landmarks.

What's the weather like in China?

What's the weather like in China?

These figures are based on Beijing.

Average temperatureAverage rainfall





































China has vastly different weather depending on the region. The northern reaches are traditionally cooler and drier, the east hotter and more humid, while the southern stretches of the nation experience quite frequent rainfall.

For good weather, the best times of the year to book your visit to China tend to be spring, (April-May), and autumn (September-October). During these months, many of the popular tourist spots enjoy a mild and drier climate – reaching typical highs of 26°C.

Flying to China with Etihad

night cityscape of beijing china

Beijing (PEK)

Where better to begin your exploration of China than its bustling capital? With a history spanning three millennia, Beijing is famous for its many carefully preserved ancient sites, including the magnificent Forbidden City palace complex. What’s so alluring about Beijing, however, is the unique blend of history and modernity that surrounds you wherever you go.

Fly to Beijing with Etihad
sunrise shanghai skyline

Shanghai (PVG)

Located on the central coast, Shanghai is China’s largest city and a fantastic place to start your travels. The city is a neon wonder, and the Pudong district’s futuristic skyline glittering over the Huangpu River is a sight to behold. It’s here you’ll find the 128-storey Shanghai Tower – China’s tallest building.

Fly to Shanghai with Etihad
chengdu ancient town at night in china

Chengdu (CTU)

Flying to Chengdu sees you venturing into China’s magical Sichuan province. The city itself is a gateway to a world of bamboo forests, pandas and the lush valleys of China. Sample the green tea produced in the Himalayan foothills bordering the region and check out Chengdu’s giant panda base to see the famous bears for yourself.

Fly to Chengdu with Etihad

Reasons to visit China

fall of forest jiuzhaigou china

Magical Jiuzhaigou

This national park has a touch of the fairy-tale about it, bursting with colour and enchantment. A must-see on a visit to the Sichuan province, Jiuzhaigou’s waterfalls are an incredible sight, cascading ice-cold water on to the rocks below. The enormous Five Flower Lake changes colour throughout the year – reflecting the surrounding forests season by season. See lush greens in the summer months and golden hues in autumn.

ancient royal palaces of the forbidden city beijing china

Discover the Forbidden City

Ancestral home of the Chinese emperors, the mysterious Forbidden City dates back to the 15th century and consists of almost 1,000 ornate buildings. The largest palace complex in the world, it was the emperor’s residence from 1420 to 1912.

The 180 acres of this royal city now form the Palace Museum, a designated UNESCO World Heritage site and one of China’s main tourist attractions. Be sure to visit the sprawling courtyards around the Gate of Supreme Harmony and the throne room in the Palace of Heavenly Purity.

the great wall of china

Hike the Great Wall

A hike along the Great Wall of China is at the top of the travel wish list for explorers across the world, and it’s easy to understand why. This world-famous feat of defensive architecture stretches 13,170 miles, snaking through forests, navigating mountains, the Gobi Desert, and expansive grasslands.

These days, many points on the wall are accessible for hiking. Some of the most popular spots are located close to Beijing – Mutianyu is just 45 miles from the city, while Jinshanling is 96 miles away.

Things to know before you fly to China

holiday National holidays

Chinese New Year is celebrated according to the traditional Chinese calendar – and falls between 21 January and 20 February. It inspires a huge celebration across the country.

currency Local currency

The national currency is renminbi, though it is more commonly known by the name of its single denomination, the Chinese yuan (CNY).

globe Language

Mandarin is the official language of China. If you’d like to use a friendly greeting in Mandarin, hello is ‘Nǐ hǎo’.

socket Plugs

In China the sockets and power plugs are type A, C and I. If your electronics don’t carry plugs of these types, it’s a good idea to purchase a universal adaptor before you travel.

Flying to China: FAQs

Where should I fly to in China?

Where you book your plane tickets to depends entirely on your personal wish list. Once you arrive in China there are plenty of transport options so it’s easy to get around. The capital Beijing (PEK) and the country’s biggest city Shanghai (PVG) are fantastic destinations to begin your exploration of this incredible country.

What food is China known for?

While visiting China, try xia long bao, a steamed bun filled with broth and minced meat. Other unmissable dishes include wontons (a type of dumpling), fried rice with egg and chow mein.

How many days do you need to visit China?

The duration of your trip to China depends on your itinerary. Most visitors spend around 10 days to two weeks exploring the key locations in this captivating country. In that time, you can visit a number of different regions and experience the many sides of China.

Why we love China

“The scenery on show in China is unlike any other country. There are so many natural wonders to explore, along with museums and monuments from its long history. It’s a captivating country that everyone should experience at least once.”

Why fly to China with Etihad?

You can shape your ideal flight to China with Etihad. Decide how you would prefer to check in, add extra baggage or pre-book an airport transfer online.

Relax in an airport lounge before your flight – you have free access with your First or Business ticket, and in some airports Economy guests may pay to use the lounge facilities.

Comfort is at the heart of everything we design, especially our cabins. All seats recline and have adjustable headrests, while Economy guests can upgrade to enjoy extra legroom. If you want to rest up on your long-haul flight you can, with the help of a pillow and cosy fleece blanket.

Our inflight entertainment system offers the latest movies, TV shows and music for you to enjoy on your flight to China. Every guest also has a choice of a fresh, seasonal meal, accompanied by a complimentary beverage.

Whatever travel experience you choose, you will be able to relax and recharge on your journey to China so you feel ready for your time in this incredible country.

*Aircraft, cabins and services may vary by route and flight. You can check this when you search for your flight. This page was last updated Sept 2019.

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