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Etihad Destinations in Africa

Book your flights to Africa with Etihad Airways today. Africa has long been a land of mystique throughout the world. The continent offers you the chance to experience a wide array of topography and wildlife. From the staggering mountains to the vast plains to the lush tropical rainforests, Africa is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Top 5 Things To Do in Africa

  • The quintessential African dream usually involves a safari, typically known as photo safaris; they are an absolute must for any traveller to Africa
  • Enjoy a breath-taking hot air balloon ride over the millions of migrating wildebeests as they thunder across the plains below
  • Challenge your taste for adventure with a trek up the magnificent slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Explore fascinating ancient history with visits to Oldupai Gorge and Egypt
  • Take an adrenaline spiking dive in a shark cave and see the majestic great whites up close and personal

Plan Your Africa Holiday

An African safari has been at the top of many travellers’ lists since tourism began. The hunt for the big five has changed over the years but the allure has remained powerful and unwavering. The safari season differs throughout Africa but a good time to go is between July and October as this is when the annual wildebeest migration takes place. There is a good chance that you will encounter all five of the big game on your safari if visiting East Africa in March.

Although wet and dry seasons vary throughout the continent it is generally accepted that July through September is the peak tourist season. Book your tickets to Africa early if travelling at this time. Cheap hotels in Africa can be found during the off season. Flight deals to Africa are always available through Etihad’s Deals section.

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