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Book your flights to Sudan with Etihad Airways and be prepared to be entranced by the people and culture of this historic and diverse country.

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Sudan offers the traveller many unique and rewarding activities guaranteed to please even the most discerning tourists. Exploring the Sanganeb Reef in Port Sudan is a rewarding endeavour as is an afternoon spent at the National Museum of Sudan. It will take no time at all to become totally immersed in the Sudanese culture with the multitude of sights and sounds of the past.

Travel to Sudan in style with Etihad Airways. The tourist season peaks between September and April and it is recommended that you buy your tickets to Sudan early during this time. If you are travelling on a budget the best time to find cheap hotels in Sudan is between April and July in the northern part of the country where temperatures consistently reach 40 degrees Celsius. The southern part of the country is wettest from April to November so you can usually find a deal or two then as well. Remember to check out our Deals section for flight deals to Sudan.

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