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Plan your flights to Saudi Arabia with Etihad Airways and prepare to visit a beautiful landscape and learn much about a country shrouded in mystery.

Plan Your Saudi Arabia Holiday

With massive cities bordering on mountain ranges and vast expanses of desert, the sights of Saudi Arabia are unlikely to get old fast. Although this area of the world does not obey standard seasonal definition, the coolest period between November and February is absolutely the best time to travel to Saudi Arabia. The far warmer and drier time outside of this period may allow you to find cheap hotels in Saudi Arabia, however, and with plentiful air conditioning throughout the nation the perils of nature may be fended off by modern technology.

If you’re looking to save some money with your trip, make sure that you check the fantastic Deals section on our website for all the latest flight deals to Saudi Arabia. Remembering to plan around local customs and the holiday of Ramadan is important when booking your tickets to Saudi Arabia.

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