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Flying from Egypt to Iran

Arriving in Iran

Book your flights to Iran with Etihad Airways and immerse yourself in this fabled nation filled with visions of the past.

Plan Your Iran Visit

Spend a day wandering through the museums and cultural centres of Tehran, including the Abgineh Museum of Iranian Pottery and the Rea Abbasi Museum which contains beautiful examples of ancient Iranian calligraphy and paintings. You can explore Iran’s past in the National Museum of Iran’s archaeological and anthropological offerings. If you would like an adventure, you can explore the Ali-Sadr Caves and take a swim in one of the many deep lakes within. There are many reasons to visit Iran.

The best times in the year to travel to Iran are from the middle of April until the end of June and then again from late September to early November. The weather at those times of the year is perfect for exploring. As these are the busiest times of the year it is suggested that you buy your tickets to Iran early. Cheap hotels in Iran are more likely to be found in the winter months and cheap flights deals to Iran are easy to find in the Deals section on our website.

Flying from Egypt

You can travel to hundreds of destinations around the world when you book your flights from Egypt with Etihad Airways and take control of your flight details with the easy-to-use modify option.

Major Airports in Egypt

Start your trip from Egypt at Luxor Airport (LXR) in Luxor city, conveniently located near the popular tourist sites of the Valley of the Kings and the River Nile. The airport has a number of restaurants and a duty-free shop among other amenities.

Cairo Airport (CAI) operates from the city of Cairo where it handles more passengers than any other airport in Egypt. It is about 15 km from the business district of Cairo, providing easy access to tourists and business travellers alike.

Airport Transportation in Egypt

Although you will need to make sure the driver uses the meter when you take a taxi to Cairo Airport, it is probably your best and most comfortable option for transportation. It isn’t unusual for the bus to Cairo Airport to be crowded and the train service doesn’t run all the way to the airport.

There is no bus service or train to Luxor Airport, but a taxi service is available throughout Luxor.

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