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Flying from the Czech Republic to China

Arriving in China

Book your flights to China with Etihad Airways and prepare to visit a welcoming and friendly country that is filled with surprises and a deep sense of tradition and culture.

Plan Your Chinese Holiday

There are many things that inspire thousands of people to travel to China including the beautiful landscapes that allow for inspirational sightseeing. China's spectacular natural beauty also plays home to some of the most amazing creatures on Earth, including giant pandas that are unique to the country. The rich history and spiritual beliefs of the people can be witnessed in remarkable historic sites such as the Forbidden City and the Giant Buddha of Leshan.

The most comfortable time to visit China is from September through to early October when the weather is cooler. To make your trip during these autumn months, reserve your tickets to China in advance to ensure availability. Finding cheap hotels in China is easy when you visit during spring or fall. Summer can be incredibly hot in some regions, particularly in the areas of Wuhan, Tianjin, Nanchang and Chongquing, which are referred to as the Four Furnaces. In our Deals section, you can find flight deals to China all year round.

Flying from the Czech Republic

Flights from the Czech Republic with Etihad Airways will take you to your destination aboard a comfortable and enjoyable flight.

Major Airports in the Czech Republic

From Prague, you can catch flights from Prague Václav Havel Airport (PRG), the largest in the country. Only 17 km from Prague city centre, the airport serves as a convenient arrival and departure point for tourists. The airport is divided into two parts, separating the new from the old sections. There are three terminals with T1 serving passengers on intercontinental flights, T2 for flights from EU countries and T3 for private and VIP flights.

Brno-Turany Airport (BRQ), 8 km from Brno city centre, is beside the D1 highway, making it easily accessible to ground transport.

Airport Transportation in the Czech Republic

Transport to Brno-Turany Airport is available by bus or taxi from Brno. A taxi to Brno-Turany Airport takes about 20 minutes from the city centre. Buses also take 20 minutes from the main bus station in Brno to the airport.

A public bus to Prague Václav Havel Airport takes about 55 minutes from the city centre. You can also take a taxi to Prague Václav Havel Airport in 20-25 minutes. There is no train to Prague Václav Havel Airport.

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