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Book your flights to Lebanon with Etihad Airways and prepare to enjoy a country that is rich in ancient history and boasts a Mediterranean climate, making it an enjoyable destination for everyone.

Plan Your Lebanon Holiday

The Mediterranean climate is one of the reasons many people travel to Lebanon. It offers various experiences in a beautiful surrounding where you can ski in the mountains and swim in the sea on the same day. With its archaeology and rich history, Lebanon still reflects the spirit of the people who have lived there over the centuries. For a unique shopping experience, visit the shopkeepers who still sell their goods in the old covered souq in Sidon. You can also sample pastries or try one of their famous soups.

Peak season in Lebanon is during spring from April to May. We suggest that you reserve your tickets to Lebanon as early as possible if you wish to travel during these spring months. To find cheap hotels in Lebanon, travel during the summer or winter. Temperatures are usually moderate throughout summer, but there are potential heat waves to consider. Make sure you visit our Deals section for flight deals to Lebanon all year long.

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