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Book your flights to Oman with Etihad Airways and get ready to enjoy all that this picturesque country has to offer.

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There are many reasons to travel to Oman. It is home to several rare or endangered species of animals including the Arabian oryx, Arabian tahr, and giant turtle. Spend a day in Muscat, the capital, and tour the two different well-preserved forts dating back to the 16th century or visit the opulent Al Alam Palace of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos of Oman. If relaxing on the beach is the way you like to spend your holiday try a visit to the coastal town of Salalah with its beautiful beaches and world-class resorts nestled between the banana plantations and coconut groves. The ever-popular camel races are also well worth attending.

The peak season for tourists is October to May and it is suggested that you book your tickets to Oman early if travelling then. June to September is monsoon season so these months are less popular although it is a lot easier to find cheap hotels in Oman around this time. Finding flight deals to Oman is easy with our Deals section.

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