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The magic of Japan

Flights to Japan allow you to delve into the land of shōguns and geishas as you explore one of the planet’s oldest civilisations.

This is an island nation where lakeside temples and stories of honourable samurai await. A place where food brings people together and age-old customs pass from generation to generation.

Whether it’s tucking into bowls of steaming ramen amid the hustle and bustle of downtown Tokyo or watching the mist clear from the breathtaking peak of Mount Fuji, the Land of the Rising Sun has plenty to discover.

See the stunning cherry blossoms of the south or take a trip on one of the high-speed bullet trains that seamlessly link the island. Begin your journey now by booking your plane tickets to Japan with Etihad Airways.

What's the weather like in Japan?

Figures shown are for Tokyo

Average temperatureAverage rainfall





































Late spring (April to May) and late autumn (September to November) are typically served by warmer and drier conditions. The skies are clear, the temperatures are usually warm – often climbing into the 20°Cs – and there’s only a small chance of rain. Japan is a vast country and weather varies by area.

Late spring and late autumn are mild, and summer tends to be hot and humid, with monsoons following throughout early autumn. With heavy snowfall in winter, Japan is great for skiing too, on famous slopes such as those on Hokkaido. Figures shown are for Tokyo – check regional weather before you fly.

Flying to Japan with Etihad

rainbow bridge tokyo bay

Tokyo (NRT)

Where better to begin your Japanese adventure than the capital itself? Narita International Airport (NRT) is on the outskirts of one of the most populous cities in the world, making it the perfect launchpad for exploring the many landmarks, restaurants and museums of Tokyo.

Fly to Tokyo with Etihad
osaka skyline japan

Osaka (ITM or KIX)

The bright lights of Osaka await. This exciting city is the perfect base for starting your Japanese adventure. Well-connected and with lots to offer, Japan’s self-professed ‘food capital’ is a must for those wanting to taste their way through the island’s iconic cuisine. Fly to either Itami Airport (ITM) or Kansai Airport (KIX).

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nagoya skyline japan

Nagoya (NGO)

Nagoya is a coastal city where traditional temples rub shoulders with striking skyscrapers. Flying to Chubu Centrair Airport (NGO) in Nagoya makes for a stunning start to your Japanese journey, as you fly low over the blue waters of the Pacific towards the runway.

Fly to Nagoya with Etihad

Reasons to visit Japan

cooking takoyaki in japan

Taste your way around Tokyo

Tokyo is a city like no other, a place that serves up a constant hubbub of neon and noise. Soak up the unique atmosphere while exploring its many wonderful food spots – for many Tokyo is considered the gastronomic centre of Japan. You’ll find fresh sushi on every corner and street vendors harnessing age-old family recipes to whip up tasty tempura that always hits the spot.

From gourmet dining spots offering the freshest tuna, to skewers of yakitori wolfed down at the local market, Tokyo offers an eating experience to suit even the most astute food fans.

spring scene in historic higashiyama in kyoto japan

Kyoto in bloom

Less than an hour from Osaka, ancient Kyoto offers a window into Japan’s past. The former capital, this age-old city is steeped in 1,000 years of history. The pointed peaks of Buddhist temples rise above rows of wooden houses that have stood for centuries, while gardens full of flowering cherry blossoms showcase Japan’s affinity with nature.

Kyoto is home to the golden temple of Kinkaku-ji. Overlooking tranquil waters, the 14th-century pavilion provides the city’s most iconic image. Kyoto is best explored in late spring or autumn when the fabled cherry blossoms coat the ground in a carpet of pink petals.

japanese snow monkeys in a hot spring japan

Meet Nagano’s snow monkeys

Wrap up warm and head deep into the mountains of Nagano Prefecture. Located a few hours outside Tokyo, Nagano was the host city of the 1998 Winter Olympics and remains a draw for its beautiful mountain landscape.

In the nearby Joshin’etsu Kogen National Park, you may find some very famous locals enjoying a hot spring experience of their own. The bathing snow monkeys of Nagano are one of the most popular sights in the region – for good reason, it’s a pretty unique experience.

Things to know before you fly to Japan

currency Local currency

The national currency is the Japanese yen (JPY). As Japan is mainly a cash-based society, it’s a good idea to exchange your money into Japanese yen before you fly.

globe Language

Japanese is the primary language of Japan and it’s spoken by most of the population. Many younger Japanese citizens will speak some English too.

socket Plugs

Japan uses a standard type A and B, tow-pin system, like the sockets used in North America. Common voltage is 100V/50Hz.

charities Cultural considerations

Japan is a predominantly Buddhist nation. If visiting sites of religious importance, remember to be respectful with your dress. Wear appropriate clothing, cover up modestly and show respect towards other temple attendees.

Flying to Japan: FAQs

How easy is Japan to get around?

Japan has excellent public transportation options when it comes to travelling between cities. An extensive network of bus and rail services links most major locations and services are very punctual. Hop aboard a bullet train to reach your destination in no time.

Are taxis expensive in Japan?

Taxis tend to be a little more expensive than other travel options in Japan’s major cities. Your best option for getting around is to use the superb public rail and bus links that operate in most locations.

Taxis are regulated in Japan – look out for a green number plate and a meter in the front to identify official and trustworthy rides.

How many days do I need to visit Japan?

Most visitors to Japan take two to three weeks to cover the key locations. With travel between major cities relatively easy, this should be enough to soak up the culture without feeling rushed.

Why we love Japan

“Japan is an unforgettable experience, it really is unlike anywhere else we fly to. We adore Kyoto, especially when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. It’s so picturesque, and the food is just amazing”.

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