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Travel to Mandalay with Etihad Airways and start soaking up rich and vibrant culture. The amazing city is Burma’s cultural and religious center. There are literally hundreds of Buddhist monasteries and pagodas. The city is home to magnificent temple architecture, along with natural beauty. Myanmar is recognized as a wonderful tourist hub, thanks to its snow-capped mountains, tropical forests, fantastic lakes and eye-catching beaches.

Five Exciting Tourist Attractions in Mandalay

  • Built by King Pagan Min in 1847, the beautifully proportioned pagoda at Eindawya Paya is covered in gold leaf. It is gorgeous under the sun and makes a fine, shimmering sight on a sunny day.
  • Situated on the north-east corner of the Mandalay Royal Palace, Mandalay Hill offers a panoramic view over the Golden City of Mandalay.
  • The Amarapura Bridge was built more than 200 years ago. The historic bridge offers a sensational view for any visitors who want to take a stroll.
  • The Zeigyo Central Market is known for its variety of fruit and vegetables. The market is packed with shoppers and delivery men on foot, as well as bicycles.
  • Yandabo Pot Making Village is found on the bank of Ayeyarwaddy River in Mandalay Region. It is famous for creating pots. A tourist traveling to Mandalay can learn to make approximately fifty different pots a day to be used for water or food storage.

When booking a flight to Mandalay, it helps to know about the warmest and coolest seasons. The coldest time of the year is January, with temperatures run around 20 degrees Celsius. However, it often warms up quite rapidly. A visitor can expect it reach more than 35 degrees Celsius in April and May. It also tends to rain quite a bit in Mandalay from May to October. Regardless, the waterfalls and caves of the majestic city are breathtaking. Perhaps it is time for you to travel to Mandalay.

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