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Oman – An Arabian jewel

Book flights to Oman and set out on an unforgettable journey through a truly exciting country, where ancient heritage and modern marvels meet.

Be amazed by the stunning architectural wonders of the Grand Mosque and Opera House in Muscat, before seeing the relaxing side of this charming country.

Long coastlines and lush green oases are ideal spots to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty of this country, before returning to the cities that rise out of the surrounding landscape.

Tour sleepy fishing towns, marvel at magnificent mountain ranges and explore wind-swept deserts.

Against the backdrop of dazzling, endless blue sky you’ll find modern skyscrapers, high-end hotels and a host of commercial districts alive with energetic restaurants and cafes.

Book plane tickets to Oman today with Etihad Airways and begin your travel adventure.

What's the weather like in Oman?

Average temperatureAverage rainfall





































Oman has humid summers followed by milder and more refreshing winters. November through to March typically sees lower temperatures in the mid-20°Cs. There is generally little rain throughout this time.

Visit the south of the country in July and August for Khareef, the refreshing monsoon season that transforms the area into a lush, green paradise. Oman is a large country and the climate can differ between regions. The figures shown are for Muscat.

Flying to Oman with Etihad

the sultan qaboos grand mosque in muscat

Muscat (MCT)

Land in the thriving capital of Oman with a flight to Muscat. Muscat International Airport (MCT) is only around 20 minutes via bus or taxi connections from the centre of the capital city. Muscat is home to many of Oman’s most iconic sites, including the Grand Mosque – a stunning work of Islamic architecture.

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sun loungers on sandy beach in salalah

Salalah (SLL)

Fly to Salalah Airport (SLL) and you’ll find a green and modern metropolis populated with lush vegetation and fauna, including banana and coconut trees. Visit nearby waterfalls, embark on a boat trip or soak up some ancient history by touring the tombs of the prophets.

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Reasons to visit Oman

nizwa bahla fort during the day in muscat oman

Peer into the past

If you’re flying to Oman, then you have a golden opportunity to visit some of the nation’s most famous historical attractions. There are numerous sites to choose from, but a day trip through the past at Bahla Fort – a UNESCO World Heritage site around two hours’ drive from Muscat – is hard to beat.

The sandstone towers rise high into the sky, offering panoramic views of the stunning landscape that this castle protected for centuries.

hats on display at the mutrah souq in muscat oman

An authentic taste of Muscat

The capital city consists of several smaller towns and districts that merge together to create a diverse and lively hub, populated with friendly locals.

Muttrah is the oldest part, where visitors will be captivated by the colourful blend of textile shops, spice stands and market stalls – ideal for sharpening your bartering skills. Afterwards, pick a relaxing spot for some authentic Arabian coffee and watch the boats drift in and out of the nearby harbour.

ayn khor waterfall salalah oman during khareef season

Refreshing Khareef season

During Khareef, the monsoon season in southern Oman, Salalah and the surrounding areas become an oasis. From July to September, the deserts turn green, waterfalls flow and trees bloom. It’s a picture of natural splendour which attracts visitors from around the world.

Top of the list of places to visit is Wadi Darbat (Darbat Valley) where you can embark on a boat ride or simply watch the wildlife graze. For spectacular waterfalls, head to Ayn Khor – just a 45-minute drive away from central Salalah.

Things to know before you fly to Oman

accommodation Local currency

The national currency is the Omani rial (OMR). There is 1,000 baisa to every rial and the vast majority of payments are made with cash rather than card.

globe Languages spoken

Arabic is the official language of Oman, but many people will speak some English, especially in hotels and tourist areas. You’ll also hear some Swahili, Hindi, and Urdu spoken too.

bus Getting around

There is limited public transport in Muscat. You can hire a car, with pick-up at the airport or, if you don’t want to drive, arrange a private transfer with Etihad.

socket Plugs

Oman uses one plug type – Type G – a three-pin, British-style plug and socket system. Consider packing a travel adaptor should you need one.

Flying to Oman: FAQs

What should tourists wear in Oman?

Oman is a socially traditional country that closely follows Islamic law. Guests who fly to Oman should be conscious of local customs. Dress modestly at religious sites. Resort areas tend to be a little more relaxed.

What food is Oman known for?

Omani food is typically Arabian, with plenty of rice, often served with fish, thanks to the long coastline. One traditional dish to look out for is shuwa. A celebratory dish, shuwa is usually goat or lamb, wrapped in palm leaves and slowly cooked in a pit in the ground. This cooking method produces deliciously moist meat, enjoyed with spiced rice and bread.

Dates are also a staple part of the Omani diet – often paired with strong Arabic coffee.

What is Oman best known for?

After stepping off your flight to Oman you can expect to be greeted by stunning coastline, large ports and fresh sea air. The Grand Mosque in Muscat is arguably the star attraction, while local cuisine includes rich curries, creamy soups and fresh green salads. Don’t forget to try halwa either, a delicious after-dinner treat famous across the Arabian Peninsula.

Why we love Oman

“Oman is a place where there are so many possibilities. Join a camel trek at Wahiba Sands, cool off on the coast at Salalah and visit castles close to Muscat. The local food is delicious too – mashuai is an amazing fish dish.”

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