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Al Ain – The UAE’s best-kept secret

Beautiful Al Ain boasts seven oases and is an astoundingly well-preserved historic city, full of fascinating monuments.

Visit the museums for real insight into Bedouin culture, or climb Jebel Hafeet – the emirate’s highest peak.

gardens in al ain uae

Book Al Ain flight tickets to discover rich Arabic history and archaeological wonders that can be traced back for thousands of years.

Discover the nation’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site at Al Ain Oasis and the former home of the late Sheikh Zayed Sultan Al Nahyan – Al Ain Palace.

When you fly to Al Ain, you’ll be given the perfect opportunity to see a different side to the United Arab Emirates – encountering picturesque scenery, fun places for all the family to enjoy, and so much more.

Book flights to Al Ain with Etihad and start your Arabian adventure now.

What's the weather like in Al Ain?

Average temperatureAverage rainfall





































Al Ain experiences cooler temperatures from November to March, averaging around 22°C. This is a great time to explore the city’s hiking spots.

The rest of the year temperatures tend to reach an average of 30°C and above. There is very little rainfall all year round.

Reasons to visit Al Ain

al ain national museum

Go back in time at Al Ain National Museum

Housed in the historic Sultan Bin Zayed Fort, the Al Ain National Museum is the ideal location to learn more about the history and heritage of the United Arab Emirates. The museum features authentic reconstructions of traditional majlis and wonderful local artefacts dating back thousands of years. You’ll journey through time as you gain a deeper understanding of this incredible region. Discover coins and pendants that can be traced back to the Bronze and Iron Ages and encounter the stunning exhibitions of the elegantly restored Grand Hili tomb.

qasr al muwaiji fort al ain

Admire Qasr al Muwaiji

Get familiar with traditional Emirati architecture as you explore the former home of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan. Constructed in the initial stages of the 20th century, Qasr al Muwaiji was recently restored. The fort now contains a small museum which allows you to understand more about the lives of people who lived there, as well as the history of the fort itself.

oasis and palm trees al ain

Relax at Al Ain Oasis

A major draw to Al Ain is the incredible Al Ain Oasis where you can take the time to learn more about the important role of date palms in a traditional way of life in the city. The small museum in the main entrance to the oasis is packed full of exciting information and displays. Almost 150,000 date palm trees can be found in the oasis itself, with the palm groves fed by a 3,000-year-old falaj traditional system that is still used today. Enjoy a relaxing stroll or take a buggy or horse ride through this wonderful destination.

Things to know before you fly to Al Ain

meals Local cuisine

In Al Ain, you can enjoy traditional Arabian cuisine. Try shawarma and falafels, both served with flatbreads and hummus. For something sweet, finish off with luqaimat – small dough balls drizzled with date syrup.

holiday National holidays

National Day in the UAE is on Wednesday 2 December and celebrates the unification of the seven emirates. It’s a big event across the country and sees firework displays and families and friends getting together.

bus Getting around

The public bus service is one of the most common ways of getting around the city. For a more direct service from door to door, you can also hire a car or catch a taxi. There are also plenty of off-road opportunities when you head out of the city centre.

currency Local currency

Al Ain uses the official UAE currency of the UAE dirham (AED). You can exchange your cash into AED before you fly, at the airport or at local banks throughout the city.

Flying to Al Ain: FAQs

Where should I stay in Al Ain?

Most of Al Ain’s top attractions such as the Al Jahili Fort and Al Ain Oasis are within easy reach of the Al Mutaw’ah neighbourhood. If you’re after some of the more outdoorsy activities such as white water rafting or popular hiking trails, you might prefer staying in Mbazzarah Al Khadra neighbourhood.

How many days should I spend in Al Ain?

Spend a weekend here to really relax and make the most of this stunning city. Extend your visit to Al Ain by heading to Abu Dhabi – just a couple of hours away by car.

What should I see in Al Ain?

From the magnificent paradise of Al Ain Oasis to the stunning mountain view from the top of Jebel Hafeet, there’s plenty to see and do in Al Ain. Visit one of AL Ain’s biggest forts in the form of Al Jahili, or head to the Al Ain Palace Museum to witness one of the UAE’s most fascinating cultural landmarks.

Why we love Al Ain

“Al Ain is like a whole other world. It’s one of our favourite places in the UAE. You should definitely put it on your bucket list if you want to see a different side to the country. The Al Jahili fort is breathtaking and the Al Ain Oasis is perfectly tranquil.”

The best of the UAE

Known as the UAE’s garden city, Al Ain is the perfect break from the city life of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. With beautiful open spaces, great hiking spots, its own oasis and breathtaking views from Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain is the perfect getaway for outdoor adventurers.

Al Ain Oasis was the UAE’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most serene and tranquil locations in all the UAE. History and culture lovers can absorb some of the city’s unique history and get a deeper insight into its heritage with a visit to the Al Jahili Fort.

Discover more about Al Ain and the rest of the UAE with Atlas, our online travel magazine.

Weather in Al Ain

28 °C
Tuesday31 Mar 2020
29 °C
Wednesday1 Apr 2020
33 °C
Thursday2 Apr 2020
35 °C
Friday3 Apr 2020
36 °C
Saturday4 Apr 2020
34 °C
Sunday5 Apr 2020
34 °C
Monday6 Apr 2020
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