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Enjoy Khartoum’s Nile views

Flights to Khartoum will transport you to a city where traditional Islamic buildings and modern skyscrapers line the majestic Nile.

Warm and welcoming, modern travellers are only just starting to discover what this laid-back east African capital has to offer.

pyramids of meroe sudan

The ‘three-towns capital’ is made up of Khartoum, Bahri and Omdurman. Share tea with friendly locals and you might pick up a few travel tips too.

Take a day trip north for the magnificent ancient city of Meroë. Walk among 100 ancient pyramids hidden in endless golden dunes. On Fridays, stop by Hamed el-Nil Tomb to witness a traditional Sufi worship ritual.

For a glimpse into the daily life of the Sudanese people, Omdurman’s camel market should be on your to-do list. Or take in some local sport by heading to Bahri on Friday afternoons to watch a traditional Nuba wrestling match.

Book flight tickets to Khartoum with Etihad Airways to unlock an amazing adventure in Sudan.

What's the weather like in Khartoum?

What's the weather like in Khartoum?

Average temperatureAverage rainfall





































The weather during the winter months – between November and January – is pleasant and dry, making it the ideal time for travellers keen to explore Khartoum.

In summer and early autumn, the weather tends to get hotter and more humid. In mid-summer – June and July – temperatures often average in the low 30s, with rainfall peaking in August.

Reasons to visit Khartoum

camels sitting down in a camel market khartoum sudan

Discover Khartoum’s local camel market

On Saturdays, head to the west of Omdurman for the famous camel market. This cultural experience will give you a unique insight into Sudanese traditions. It’s estimated that more than 2,000 camels (bred in the Darfur region) are at these markets on any given day. If you’ve never been to a camel market before, it’s definitely worth the journey.

Try booking a visit with a tour company for easier and more comfortable transportation, and to get some hints and tips about the market from eagle-eyed locals.

entranceway to mahdis tomb and shrine khartoum sudan

Visit the Hamed el-Nil tomb

Head to the Hamed el-Nil tomb for an impressive example of Islamic architecture. The tomb is the location for several local festivals and celebrations.

This colourful worship is a true mix of creativity, music and culture. It begins with a procession towards the mausoleum and concludes to the sound of cymbals and drums in front of the tomb.

The nearby Mahdi’s tomb is an architectural wonder to check out while you’re in Omdurman.

bowl filled with chillies in omdurman market khartoum

Relax by the Nile

Khartoum is the city where the Blue Nile and White Nile meet. Wander along Nile Street any time of the day to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the sounds of this majestic river. At sunrise or sunset, the way the light reflects off the water is particularly spectacular.

During the day, stop by one of the many cafes and restaurants to chat with the locals and sample traditional Sudanese food. You can also take a relaxing boat ride along the Nile (depending on the strength of the currents).

Things to know before you fly to Khartoum

currency Currency

The local currency is the Sudanese Pound (SDG). Credit cards are not widely accepted in Sudan, while ATMs don’t accept foreign cards. When exchanging cash, US dollars are preferred but euros are sometimes accepted. It’s best to be prepared and ensure you bring enough cash to last for the duration of your visit.

plane Airport transfers

Arrange a transfer with Etihad before you fly to Khartoum to be met at arrivals and taken to your onward destination in comfort.

You can also travel by taxi or bus to the city. Official metered taxis can be found by the airport terminal while regular buses are also available.

charities Cultural considerations

Khartoum is a relaxed and friendly city. Visitors should respect Sudan’s Muslim customs and dress respectfully. Woman are encouraged to wear headscarves and everyone should wear long, loose-fitting clothing.

bus Getting around Khartoum

Using public transport to get around in Khartoum is relatively easy. Minibuses run fairly regularly throughout the day and are relatively cheap. They leave when they’re full, so get there early to ensure a seat.

Flying to Khartoum: FAQs

Where should I stay in Khartoum?

Hotels in Khartoum range from luxurious to budget options. Many upmarket hotels will only accept US dollars, so ensure you have enough. Good value hotel options are located near Al-Kabir Mosque in the centre.

Can I hire a car in Khartoum?

It’s possible to hire a driver while in Khartoum. Many travellers prefer this, as it means they can venture round the city more easily and also have better access to attractions found deeper in the desert. An alternative option is to use taxis, but you should negotiate the price before departure.

How many days should I spend in Khartoum?

One week in Khartoum is enough to see the major sites of the city. In this time, you’ll also be able to visit nearby destinations on day trips, such as Meroë.

What is Khartoum know for?

The capital city of Sudan is known as the place where the two branches of the Nile converge. It’s also where the National Museum of Sudan is located, so a great place to learn about this country.

Why we love Khartoum

“Landing in Khartoum is always the beginning of an amazing adventure. Wander down Nile Street and visit the ancient pyramids in Meroë. Witness the transcendental Sufi Ritual and the Nuba wrestlers. Sharing tea and talking with the locals is a great way to feel at home.”

Weather in Khartoum

37 °C
Monday28 Sep 2020
39 °C
Tuesday29 Sep 2020
39 °C
Wednesday30 Sep 2020
38 °C
Thursday1 Oct 2020
37 °C
Friday2 Oct 2020
38 °C
Saturday3 Oct 2020
38 °C
Sunday4 Oct 2020
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