Travel to Stavanger

Reserve your flights to Stavanger, Norway with Etihad Airways and get ready to explore one of Europe cities with a history dating far back into the Middle Ages, Stavanger takes pride in prosperous events, such as the discovery of oil that changed Stavanger into a busy city. Stavanger unique location allows great outdoor activities, delicious food and culture, and marvellous wonders.

Top 5 Things To Do in Stavanger

  • Ponder about time and travel back to the Battle of Hafrsfjord which displays the three Swords in Rock for a historical majestic feel
  • Visit the planetarium where you can learn more about the stars and constellations at Vitenfabrikken, the Science Factory
  • Step inside a charming old town that has been preserved for hundreds of years at Old Stavanger
  • Discover the influences of petroleum and oil in Norway at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum which also offers insightful information of its modern technology
  • Explore one of Stavanger breathtaking fjords, Lysefjord, for an exhilarating three-hour sight-seeing experience by boat or cruise

Plan Your Stavanger Holiday

Stavanger is the place for you if you desire to see a different kind of history, natural settings, and intriguing culture. Stavanger is a booming city with lots of activities and entertainment for visitors. If you want to pamper your musical senses, attend the Theatre Concert Beethoven at Rogaland Teater in September for an extravagant concert based on Beethoven music.

Great flight deals to Stavanger are easy to find with Etihad Airway’s popular deals. If you plan to see a popular festival or just take a relaxing vacation to Stavanger in the summer, book your hotel and tickets to Stavanger several months in advance due to the tourism hype during that season. To find cheap hotels to Stavanger, travel anytime during the off-peak season from November to March.

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