Travel to  Republic of the Congo

Book your flights to the Republic of Congo and get ready for a trip to a destination that is rich in history and home to the site of the dense Congo rainforest, known for its population of lowland gorillas and chimpanzees. The Congo is a tropical nation with a diverse terrain which includes mountains, coastal plains, valleys and plateaus.

Top 5 Things To Do in the Republic of the Congo

  • Admire the plethora of plant, animal, and bird species at the Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park including forest elephants, lowland gorillas, and chimpanzees
  • Reflect on the awe-inspiring architecture of the Basilique Sainte-Anne du Congo, appreciated by visitors for its incredible beauty and French colonial influences
  • Appreciate the historical artefacts and Congolese art on display at the National Museum of Congo
  • See the Charles De Gaulle House, a magnificent mansion built for the French wartime leader during the period where Brazzaville stood as the honorary capital of France
  • Admire the dedication of the Congo to save and protect the gorillas at the Lesio Louna Gorilla Reserve in Lefini

Plan Your Republic of the Congo Visit

If you plan to spend your trip near the capital city of Brazzaville, the best time to go is from May through September. For destinations further north, you will want to travel to this exceptional country between December and February.

There is no comparison to the flight deals to the Republic of the Congo that you will find with Etihad’s popular deals. Make your reservations for your accommodations and get your tickets to Republic of the Congo in advance to secure your date and prices. If you want to find cheap hotels in the Republic of the Congo, travel during the wet months of March through to June and get budget-friendly rates.

Republic of the Congo Destinations