Travel to Makassar

Located on the southwest coast of Sulawesi island, Makassar’s colourful history, as well as the fantastic views, make it a must for the adventurous traveller. Hurry and book your flights to Makassar with Etihad Airways and prepare for a journey into a world of sun-drenched locales and friendly people.

Top 5 Things To Do in Makassar

  • See a piece of Indonesian history with a visit to Fort Rotterdam. Built in the 1500s, the fort now houses an art centre and small museum
  • Stroll through the streets of Pelabuhan Paotere and soak up the unique Indonesian culture. Make sure to visit their harbour area and watch the boats arrive
  • Take a day away from the city with a trip to Samalona Island. Delicious authentic food, beaches suitable for swimming, and relaxation are all to be had on this quiet little getaway
  • Sample the unique cuisine of Indonesia at one of the small warungs around the city. The nasi goring (fried rice) is not to be missed
  • Walk among kings in the Old Graveyard of King Tallo. It is said that the graves of a century worth of kings can be found there

Plan Your Makassar Holiday

Makassar is one of those few cities in the world that perfectly pairs the excitements of a large metropolitan area with the laid-back attitude of a fishing village. From its gorgeous beaches and fascinating historical sites to its delicious food, Makassar sends its visitors away rested and satisfied.

Finding flight deals to Makassar is easy with Etihad’s popular deals. The peak season in Makassar is from April through October when temperatures are warmer and precipitation is at a minimum so book your tickets to Makassar early. However, to find cheap hotels in Makassar, consider travelling during the rainy season between November and March.