Indonesia’s sprawling capital is one of the fastest-growing, most chaotic and most exciting places in South East Asia. It is the gateway to a vast, vibrant and varied island nation that’s home to dozens of fascinating cultures.

Formerly the colonial capital of the Dutch East Indies – when it was known as Batavia – Jakarta has grown from its original seaport district into a huge modern conurbation of high-rise hotels and apartments, thronged shopping malls and wide, busy avenues.



9,7 million


Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), 1 Rp = 100 cents

Opening hours

Banks, businesses and government offices generally open 8 am-4 pm or 9 am-5 pm Monday-Friday. Many shopping malls remain open until 10 pm or later. Many street markets do not open until around 7 pm and remain as late as midnight. Many smaller shops close at dusk on Friday until Saturday night.


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Tourist information

Jakarta City Government Tourist Office Jalan Kuningan Barat No. 2 Jakarta +62 21 520 5445 Tourism Information Centre Jakarta Theater Building Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 9, Jakarta +62 21 314 2067 / +62 21 315 4094 / +62 21 316 1293

Travel to Jakarta

Book your flights to Jakarta with Etihad Airways and get ready to immerse yourself in this rich Indonesian culture with vibrant shopping centres and an exciting nightlife. The city is also home to museums, parks, historical sites and palaces. For those travelling with families, Jakarta offers many other attractions like the zoo, theme park and water adventure.

Top 5 Things To Do in Jakarta

  • The National Museum in Jakarta houses more than 1 million objects and is home to one of the world’s largest collections of Southeast Asian ceramics
  • Ragunan Zoo is one of the most visited places in Jakarta. More than 3 million people visit the zoo every year to see its 270 species of animals, of which 90% are native to Indonesia
  • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a miniature park that offers a glimpse into the glorious Indonesian culture. The complex is home to ten gardens, including an Orchid garden, a Jasmine garden, a Bird Park, a fresh water aquarium and a medicinal herbs garden
  • Ancon Dreamland is an excellent destination for families. It has more than 30 rides and attractions
  • Merdeka Square, in the heart of Jakarta, is one of the largest squares in the world. It features four parks, including a spotted deer park

Plan Your Jakarta Holiday

From July to October is the dry season and is the best time to visit Jakarta. You can enjoy a true Jakarta experience during the summer months as outdoor activities are widely available.

Find amazing flight deals to Jakarta with Etihad’s Deals section. If you want to visit the city during the peak summer months, we recommend that you book your tickets to Jakarta and accommodation in advance to avoid disappointment. You can find cheap hotels in Jakarta from November to June.

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