Take all the good bits from Paris – the sophisticated café society, culture, shopping and add a vibrant arty student population – place the city in the south of France, just close enough to Spain to absorb elements of its friendly and relaxed atmosphere, then – if you add a wash of pink across this image – you’ll have Toulouse!



Approximately 450,000 people


Euro, €1 = 100 cents

Opening hours

Larger chains of shops have long opening hours. Smaller shops: Tue-Sat 8.00-20.30. Shops often close for a long lunch starting from 12.30 until 15.00 or 16.00. If a shop is open on Sunday morning, it will be closed on Mondays.


La Dépêche Toulouse Hebdo Flash Toulouse Culture

Tourist information

Toulouse Tourist Office Donjon du Capitole Toulouse 0892 180 180 (0,34 € inc. tax per min) From abroad: +33 540 131 531

Travel to Toulouse

Reserve your flights to Toulouse with Etihad Airways and come to the capital of European aerospace and cutting edge biotechnology, these most modern of industries are set adjacent to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With the classical design of the south of France, this fourth largest French city showcases European culture and the potential for the future.

Top 5 Things To Do in Toulouse

  • The Basilica of St. Sernin is the largest surviving Romanesque church in Europe, a site steeped in history with the atmosphere and design to match
  • The Canal du Midi joins Toulouse to the Atlantic Ocean; 240 km long and lined with century-old trees, this 320-year-old UNESCO site can be appreciated in a few hours, or for longer stays excursions lasting several days are available
  • On Sunday mornings do not miss the St. Aubin Market and sample the delights of quality, traditional French cuisine, a invigorating food shopping experience for all who come
  • Place Lafourcade dates from the 18th century and contains remarkable marble fountains; this is an essential component of any tour of Toulouse
  • Art enthusiasts should take their less enthusiastic friends to the Centre Municipal de l'Affiche, de la Carte postale et de l'Art graphique; with a collection that is changed every four months the exhibitions are as diverse as they are stimulating

Plan Your Toulouse Holiday

Toulouse abounds with festivals, parades, sporting events and fairs. In particular, events such as the summer Garonne music festival and the late spring Toulouse International Fair draw huge crowds. Check the schedule for all festival dates.

Finding flight deals to Toulouse is easy with Etihad's popular deals. During the festival and peak summer months we advise that you book your tickets to Toulouse well in advance. To find cheap hotels in Toulouse travel in the autumn months.

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