Travel to  Burkina Faso

Book your flights to Burkina Faso with Etihad Airways and experience first-hand the culture and tradition of a country so forcefully moulded by the events of the last century. Burkina Faso was once a pair of colonies split between the British and French empires that ultimately achieved autonomy in 1960. As a visitor, you will see, hear, and feel the cultural impact that history has had upon Burkina Faso, as the inhabitants now strive to create a unique artistic tradition.

Top 5 Things To Do in Burkina Faso

  • Stand in wonder before Les Pics de Sindou, a striking collection of wind-carved geological peaks
  • Cool off in Les Cascades de Banfora, a beautiful natural waterfall near the city of Banfora
  • Animal lovers will delight in the Reserve de Nazinga, a wildlife preserve near the Ouagadougou, famous for its collection of elephants and birds
  • Tour the Ouagadougou markets and take in some local flavour
  • Experience the Laongo Sculpture Symposium, an outdoor collection of sculptures ranging in style from the traditional to the avant-garde

Plan Your Burkina Faso Holiday

From May to September, Burkina Faso receives between 600 and 900 millimetres of rainfall. The remainder of the time, from late autumn to the end of spring, the country experiences a relatively dry season. The best time to book tickets to Burkina Faso is between December and February, when skies are clear of rain clouds as the winter climate helps moderate the usually-warm tropical weather.

Finding flight deals to Burkina Faso is quick and easy with the Deals section of our website. If you’re looking to find cheap hotels in Burkina Faso, book your accommodation during the rainy season between May and September or during the summer from March to May, when other there are fewer tourists.

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