Travel to  Republic of Djibouti

Book your flights to Djibouti aboard Etihad Airways and start your trip to the beautiful country on the “Horn of Africa”. Take a journey back in time as you are introduced to the history and culture of the Djibouti nation. The juxtaposition of the modern, commercial cities and the lives of the nomadic herders will present the complex range of Djibouti citizens. You will be enchanted by the arid and stark landscapes surrounding the modern cities and by the pristine beaches that line the coast. Be swept away by the delicious cuisines and varied cultures that make up this multi-ethnic country.

Top 5 Things To Do in Djibouti

  • Cool off as you relax and enjoy your trip to the beautiful beach of Khor Ambado
  • Be surrounded by ancient culture as you gaze in wonder at the Palace Menelik
  • Surround yourself with the fun and excitement of the street market of Grande Pecherie
  • Take your sense of adventure when you visit Djibouti Kitesurf and enjoy those gorgeous coastal waters
  • Immerse yourself in the exotic, multi-ethnic food at one of Djibouti's restaurants

Plan Your Djibouti Trip

Plan your trip soon and take advantage of excellent flight deals to Djibouti aboard Etihad Airways. As Djibouti is quite hot most of the year with temperatures reaching over 105 degrees at times, the best time to get your tickets to Djibouti is between November and April when temperatures are a little cooler. Avoid travelling in July as the khamsim winds blow constantly, but it is easy to find cheap hotels in Djibouti during the summer as the heat is intense. Take advantage of the Deals section of Etihad Airways and get great prices on tickets for your flight. Book your trip early and enjoy an unforgettable trip to Djibouti.

Republic of Djibouti Destinations