As the birthplace of America, Philadelphia has endured centuries of peril, challenges and conquest to remain one of the nation’s top attractions. Historical buildings, sculptures and murals line streets that were once walked by the Founding Fathers of the United States. The weather varies during the seasons, vacillating from mild springs, to hot summers, to chilly winters, but people can always be seen out and about in the City of Brotherly Love.





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General shop hours are Monday through Saturday, 10am or 11am to 5pm or 6pm.


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Tourist information

Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation Monday - Friday, 8am–5pm 30 S. 17th Street +1 215 599 0776

Travel to Philadelphia

Schedule your flights to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Etihad Airways and be prepared to widen your knowledge about one of United States' historical cities. Visits to museums, parks, and historical landmarks continue to engage travellers with the origins of American ideas and development.

Top 5 Things To Do in Philadelphia

  • Visit the Independence Hall where significant events in American history - the Declaration of Independence and the adoption of the US Constitution, took place
  • Slip back in time and explore the dock where William Penn landed at Penn's Landing for alluring scenery and historic feel
  • Walk down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway which leads to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and observe famous statues of the Joan of Arc and William Shakespeare
  • Connect with Philadelphia's nature at Longwood Gardens which has multiple gardens of flowers and plants, waterfalls and towers that create an exquisite atmosphere
  • Visit the house of Betsy Ross, known for creating the first American flag, her house has been preserved and open to the general public for decades

Plan Your Philadelphia Holiday

If you are interested in American history, Philadelphia is a beautiful place to explore. Philadelphia's main attractions, such as the Liberty Bell Centre and Independence Seaport Museum, are open all year round. However, if you want to attend an event, keep in mind the dates for travelling purposes. For example, the annual festival of Bastille Day is one of the most popular events in July.

Finding great flight deals to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is easy and quick with popular deals by Etihad Airways. If you plan to attend events in Philadelphia, such as the Artefact Exhibition of the Titanic, we recommend that you reserve your tickets to Philadelphia in advance. To find cheap hotels in Philadelphia, visit during the off-peak season from December to February.

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