Lyon is usually called the capital city of gastronomy. For a long time, this was equated with sauces and a petit-bourgeois small town complex. But then the TGV high speed train linked Lyon with Paris and Marseille. Olympique de Lyon started to win League Championship after League Championship, and a new Lyon was suddenly filled with daring architecture, crowded cafés and avant-garde exhibitions.



472,000 inhabitants


1 Euro = 100 cents

Opening hours

In general, shops are open from 10 am–7 pm.


Le Progrès La Tribune de Lyon

Tourist information

Office du tourisme du Grand Lyon Place Bellecour +33 4 72 77 69 69

Travel to Lyon

Book your flights to Lyon with Etihad Airways and arrive at your destination refreshed and eager to explore this fascinating city. Lyon, in central France, is famed for breath-taking scenery and proximity to the Alps. It is well known for its gastronomy and in years gone by, was also famous for silk production.

Top 5 Things To Do in Lyon

  • Originally used as a quick walkway, why not wander through Lyon’s ‘secret passageways’ called traboules? These covered walkways are thriving hubs of activity for artists and jewellery makers today
  • For a fascinating day of history, visit the Odeon, an ancient Roman theatre located in a park, south of the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière.
  • Lyon’s City Hall is a stunning building, finely lit at night; take along your camera for some amazing photo opportunities
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art is worth a visit; it is inviting and quaint with a mixed collection
  • For alternative shops and delicious gastronomy typical of Lyon, visit the bohemian Croix Rousse neighbourhood

Plan Your Lyon Holiday

If you prefer a summer break, then Lyon provides a wealth of suitable attractions, the weather is warm and the countryside is never far away. Autumn is the wettest season. Busy times are actually more likely in December when a grand festival takes place called the Festival of Lights. This is highly popular and lasts for 4 or 5 days.

Finding flight deals to Lyon is simple with Etihad’s popular deals. During the peak summer months, it is advisable to book your tickets to Lyon well in advance, but in France’s third largest city, accommodation is plentiful. To find cheap hotels in Lyon, consider an autumn holiday.