An exciting history, an unbeatable wine culture and world-class gastronomy lead visitors to speak in lyrical terms about Bordeaux. Large, charming pedestrianised streets in the centre make the city attractive for shopping while the evenings have the attractions of the opera, bars, shows and dance. Above all, Bordeaux is a city to enjoy.





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Opening hours

Shops and department stores are open from 10.00 - 19.00.


Courrier Français Sud Ouest Bordeaux Tourisme

Tourist information

12, Cours du XXX Juillet 33080 Bordeaux Cedex +33 5 56 00 66 00

Travel to Bordeaux

Book Etihad Airways’ flights to Bordeaux and prepare to immerse yourself in a city that has changed very little over the centuries. With a rich cultural heritage that is reflected on the waters of the Garonne River, this city will seduce you with its extravagant boulevards and elaborate neoclassical architecture.

Top 5 Things To Do in Bordeaux

  • Visit the Museum of Aquitaine and imagine bygone eras as you track down the Gallic treasure from Tayac and study the amazing collection of Roman coins
  • Enjoy an opera or the ballet at the Grand Theatre de Bordeaux, a neoclassical gem of cultural refinement and palace of the sublime fine arts
  • Wander the Port of the Moon, an area declared a World Heritage Site that overlooks the Garonne and exhibits the most impressive buildings in Bordeaux
  • Let yourself be inundated by the scents of peonies, azaleas and camellias in the Floral Park, which boasts all these colourful flowers and extends along the lake
  • Take a spellbinding tour of the area’s chateaux, elegant mansions that will enthral you like the intricately tangled vines that cling to their walls

Plan Your Bordeaux Holiday

With Etihad Airways you can find great flight deals to Bordeaux, but keep in mind that during the low season, from October to May, it rains frequently. To enjoy outdoor activities, the best time to buy tickets to Bordeaux is for travel during the months from June to September.

In addition, be aware that during the summer the cultural calendar of the city is full of events such as the River Festival, the Cité Tango Festival, the Jazz in Liberté, and the performances of Viva Opera. Therefore, if you want to find cheap hotels in Bordeaux for these dates, it’s best to book your stay well in advance.

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