Travel to Matsuyama

Book flights to Matsuyama, Shikoku’s largest city and let Etihad Airways take you to one of the most exotic destinations on earth.

Top 5 Things To Do in Matsuyama

  • Take a trip to Matsuyama Castle, one of Japan’s most prominent castles, located right in the heart of the city’s centre. Castle tourists will gain a rare view of the city and Seto Inland Sea from the towers
  • Visit Ishite-ji, a legendary temple nestled in the heart of Matsuyama. It is marked number 51 among the 88 temples along the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Visitors can visit the temple following a short 15-20 minute walk from the city’s centre
  • Take a dip in Dogo Onsen, one of the oldest and most famous hot springs in Japan. This venue has been visited by prestigious guests, including the imperial family
  • Dogo koen is a little park in the city and holds the Yuzuki-jo which was the residence of Kono clan that ruled the province
  • Travel the scenic route between Shikoku and Western Honshu, known as the Shimanami Kaido. For a true adventure, drive along this scenic route on bicycles, estimated to take around 6 hours. Along your journey, you will see fishing villages, tangerine orchards, pearl farms and unobstructed views of the surrounding sea

Plan Your Matsuyama Holiday

The best time of year to travel to Matsuyama is during the summer, where several annual festivals are held. August hosts two popular festivals, the dance festival in Yosakoi and Tokushima’s Awa Odori. We recommend booking your tickets to Matsuyama several months prior if you plan to attend during this peak-season.

Finding flight deals to Matsuyama is easy with Etihad’s Deals section. To find cheap hotels in Matsuyama, consider travelling during the off-peak season and booking in advance of your travel dates.

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