Travel to  Liberia

Book your flights to Liberia today with Etihad Airways. Liberia is a country of roughly 3.7 million people who welcome travellers with warmth and a friendly smile. This West African nation is lined with beaches on its southern shore and the lush Guinean rainforests to the north. It is the only country in Africa that was formed by United States colonisation and it covers over 111 square kilometres.

Top 5 Things To Do in Liberia

  • Enjoy the beautiful coastline of Ce Ce Beach, one of many in the country
  • Canoe around the numerous islands of Piso Lake in search of the perfect place for a picnic
  • Go on a photo safari in search of pigmy hippos and elephants in Sapo National Park
  • Travel to Paynesville to witness the interesting and unique rock formations including one shaped like a human face, the Blo Degbo
  • Thrill seekers will relish the chance to base jump from the 417 m mast of the abandoned Omega Transmitter Tower

Plan Your Liberia Visit

This primarily English speaking country has a colourful past and this has contributed to the formation of a pleasant modern day country which is a treat to visit. Its topography consists of everything from coastal plains to mangrove swamps to lush rainforests.

Liberia has an equatorial weather system which means that it has two main seasons. The wet season is from May to November and the dry season runs from December to April. Tickets to Liberia are easily obtained throughout the year, and flight deals to Liberia also tend to be easy to find at most times of the year. Cheap hotels in Liberia are available but there is a considerable lack of tourist infrastructure in the country. A useful starting point would be to look for accommodation in Monrovia.

Liberia Destinations