Travel to  Guinea

Board your flights to Guinea with Etihad Airways, and travel to a scenic country, populated by welcoming and hospitable people who are also fun loving and dedicated to preserving their beliefs. One of the biggest attributes of the country is its geography, including some of the most breathtaking landscapes imaginable.

Top 5 Things To Do in Guinea

  • Reach the highest peak in Guinea at Mt. Nimba where there is some intriguing plant and animal life to observe, but be sure to get a permit in advance
  • At Camp Boiro in Conakry, become enlightened about the history of Sékou Touré, who still influences Guinean life more than two decades after his death
  • Spend some quality time on Cape Verga, one of the best beaches in the area
  • Look for chimpanzees in the sleepy village of Bossou, the area of Guinea where they are typically seen on a daily basis
  • Enjoy the unique art at Oppo Atelier, Palais du Peuple, where welders take scrap metal and give it new life as beautiful and unusual sculptures

Plan Your Guinea Visit

To explore the capital city of Conakry or venture through the Kakimbon Caves of Ratoma which are revered by locals, the best time to visit is between November and February when the weather is at its best. To attend the international festival, Kora et Cordes de Conakry, travel to Guinea during the first week of December.

Getting the best flight deals to Guinea is easy with Etihad’s popular Deals. To travel to the Festival des Arts de Conte, make reservations for your hotel accommodation and your tickets to Guinea well in advance to avoid disappointment. Finding cheap hotels in Guinea is easy when you plan early and travel during the wetter months of April and November.

Guinea Destinations