Travel to  Bosnia and Herzegovina

Book your flights to Bosnia & Herzegovina with Etihad Airways and prepare to experience the rich culture and stunning panoramas that await you. Knowledgeable and discerning travellers have been flocking to this pristine country in droves in recent years.

Top 5 Things To Do in Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Stari Most in Old Town, a breathtaking old-world bridge originally constructed in the 1600s that majestically straddles the Neretva River at a height of 21 metres
  • The sports enthusiast will revel in a tour of the Olympic Center in Sarajevo, site of the 1984 Olympic Winter Games
  • Take a trip to Banja Luka, the country’s second largest city and experience the thrill of white water rafting
  • Spend a warm summer’s afternoon hiking the medieval grounds of the historic Fortress of Jajce
  • Take a leisurely stroll through the many cafes and shops that dot the meandering streets of the Bascarija District

Plan Your Bosnia & Herzegovina Holiday

In recent years Bosnia & Herzegovina has become a very popular tourist destination for adventure seekers as well as for lovers of art, culture and history. Its steady increase in tourism has seen the creation of a world-class infrastructure. From the restoration and reutilisation of the many historic buildings to the creation of several high- profile adventure excursions, the area is enjoying a true renaissance.

The ideal time to visit the country is in spring, from March to April, and then again in autumn, from August to September. It is recommended to book your tickets to Bosnia & Herzegovina well in advance if travelling at these times. Cheap hotels in Bosnia & Herzegovina can be found quite easily during the off season, and flight deals to Bosnia & Herzegovina can be readily found with Etihad Airways.

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