The “Mile High City” makes its residence among the towering mountains and sweeping prairies, creating a memorable and lasting experience for both Denver citizens and visitors. As the capital of Colorado, Denver’s position along the Rocky Mountains affords it a semi-arid climate of comfortably warm temperatures and 300 sunny days a year. This also makes for interesting changes in weather patterns, as the city is known for its sudden but brief thunderstorms. Beautiful parks, biking and running trails, and a citywide, walker-friendly environment mean that most people take to the outside for their daily activities. Spritely pubs, clubs and restaurants give Denver an abundance of nightlife options, as well as the extensive and local music scene. There is a reason Denver was once deemed the “Queen City of the West.”





1 US dollar (US$) = 100 cents

Opening hours

General opening hours for shops are 10:00am to 9:00pm from Monday to Saturday, and 12:00pm to 6:00pm on Sundays.


The Denver Post The Advocate The Colorado Statesman Denver Business Journal Denver Daily News Rocky Mountain News

Tourist information

Visit Denver Travel & Tourism Information Address: 1600 California Street, Denver +1 303 892 1505

Travel to Denver

Reserve your flights to Denver with Etihad Airways. Denver is Colorado’s capital city and the largest city in the state. Also known by the name the Mile-High City, Denver has developed fast over the years.

Top 5 Things To Do in Denver

  • Denver is one of the few places where you can gain some knowledge on making money. Make your way to the US Mint and acquire some money-making tips as you watch a simple piece of metal being transformed into real currency
  • Spend your afternoon at Larimer Square, shopping at the trendy stores and thereafter enjoy a meal at one of its many fashionable restaurants
  • Denver’s Botanic Gardens provide the perfect sanctuary to unwind as you soak in the fresh air mixed with the wonderful flower scents
  • Travel back in time to the Wild West with a trip to the Colorado Railroad Museum. If you happen to visit the museum on a Saturday, be sure to take a ride on the Galloping Goose
  • Denver Zoo never disappoints and you can watch lions at the predator ridge or venture to the tropical discovery and have a look at gila monsters and crocodiles. This zoo has various wild animals for you to see including tigers, rhinos, elephants and bears

Plan Your Denver Holiday

For flight deals to Denver, go to Etihad Airways’ Deals section. Denver will show you the best of both worlds with its traditional cowboy and mining history still preserved and the vibrant modern era evident all around. Get your tickets to Denver as soon as possible in order to avoid last minute travelling hassles or extra travel expenses. You can find cheap hotels in Denver from November to February as the cold season seems to attract fewer tourists and prices are generally cheaper.

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