Travel to Nador

Booking flights to Nador through Etihad Airways gives you the opportunity to visit this amazing Moroccan city. Although small, Nador has a number of exciting venues and locations to offer adventurous tourists as well as those who prefer a more relaxing holiday. The beach and port area offer recreational activities and a number of excellent hotels and restaurants cater to the needs of the many tourists who visit the region.

Top 5 Things To Do in Nador

  • Birdwatchers and plant enthusiasts must visit nearby Kariet Arkmane, the most interesting wildlife site in Morocco
  • Wander around the main beach boulevard and indulge in the scenic beauty of the area
  • Tour the Nador Port and watch the fishermen at work as they haul in the catch in their giant nets
  • Relax and soak up the atmosphere in one of the excellent cafes along the coastline and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee
  • Visit nearby Melilla, one of the last two Spanish cities in Africa. See the four historic forts that tell the story of this ancient city and enjoy the spectacular Mediterranean beaches

Plan Your Nador Holiday

Nador enjoys a warm, Mediterranean climate which is less extreme than that further inland. Temperatures are high in the summer and rain falls between November and March in this coastal area. The summer is busy with tourists visiting in large numbers, many of them Moroccans who now live in Europe, and also foreign tourists who seem to love the city’s Riffian feel.

Luxury and budget hotels are available and the best time for cheap hotels in Nador is outside of the peak summer months. The winter is still warm and this is a good time to buy your tickets to Nador. Check for flight deals to Nador in the Deals section on our website.