Welcome to the “People’s Republic of Cork” and to the island’s largest county.

Cork - listed as one of Lonely Planet's top ten cities in 2010, makes for a great city break. Like Venice, the city is built upon water, and the city centre is built on an island in the River Lee, just upstream of Cork Harbour.

With tree-lined streets, graceful avenues and an appealing tangle of laneways, Cork is easy to get around. At every corner you'll come across another panoramic view, another interesting architectural feature and some of the best art galleries, theatres and museums in Ireland.



518,128 of which 119230 live in Cork City.


1 Euro = 100 cents

Opening hours

Shops: 09:00-18:00 daily. Many shops open later on a Thursday evening.


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Tourist information

Grand Parade, Cork City Opening Hours: 09:15-17:00 +353 21 4255100 corkkerryinfo@failteireland.ie

Travel to Cork

Book your flights to Cork with Etihad Airways and experience the charm of Ireland’s second largest city. Whether travelling to Cork exclusively or exploring the country at large, a trip to the ‘Emerald Isle’ will delight your senses and enthral your imagination.

Top 5 Things To Do in Cork

  • Attend ‘Pulses of Tradition’ for a comedic and informative demonstration of traditional Irish instruments, followed by a musical performance that will blow you away
  • Walk or ride a bicycle to Mizen Vision, the southernmost point in Ireland where cliffs 200 metres high gaze out into the infinite blue majesty of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Animal lovers will delight in Fota Wildlife Park, Cork’s most visited tourist attraction, spanning over 70 acres and featuring exotic animals from all over the world
  • Get your feet wet at the Ballyhass Lakes Activity Centre for a crash course in fresh water trout fishing
  • Witness the awe-inspiring architecture of St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, a hauntingly gorgeous 19th century monument to Cork’s patron saint

Plan Your Cork Holiday

Despite the abundance of unique and interesting attractions, much of Cork’s charm is found simply touring the picturesque city and surrounding area. While significantly smaller than Dublin, Cork is still a popular tourist destination and can get crowded during summer. Nevertheless, we recommend you book your tickets to Cork during the temperate summer months, as the mild weather wonderfully complements the natural beauty of the city.

Travellers looking for cheap hotels in Cork can adjust their schedule to coincide with the colder off-peak periods in spring and autumn, but should be aware that Cork can be very cold and rainy in the winter, 6 degrees Celsius on average. Be sure to check the Deals section of our website for the best and most affordable flight deals to Cork.

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