Arriving in Nairobi

Plan your flights to Nairobi with Etihad Airways to enjoy the scenic landscape and well-kept wildlife sanctuaries that are home to a number of diverse wild animals. Also, take some time to enjoy and appreciate the rich history and culture of the city.

Plan Your Nairobi Holiday

Nairobi is famous for safaris, and tourism is increasing rapidly in this city as a result, with the emphasis on the summer months. Nairobi is a destination which can be enjoyed all year round, however, with plenty to attract visitors. Museums, religious buildings and the opportunity to sample the way of life in this African city all contribute to its popularity.

You can expect to find a good package if you want to travel to Nairobi in the months of June and July when the temperatures are moderate and the safari season is in full swing. We advise you to book your tickets to Nairobi as early as possible if you want to visit the city during the safari season. Cheap hotels in Nairobi are available during peak season but need to be booked well in advance. For information on flight deals to Nairobi please visit our Deals section.

Flying from Lubumbashi

Book your flights from Lubumbashi with Etihad Airways and find your travel concerns taken care of from the moment you make your reservation to the moment you land at your destination.

Major Airports in Lubumbashi

Lubumbashi is served by the Lubumbashi International Airport (FBM), previously known as Luano Airport. Located about thirteen kilometres from the city, the airport handles numerous passengers on a daily basis travelling on both national and international flights. The Lubumbashi International Airport has a number of shops and restaurants where you can spend your time waiting for your flight. It is highly recommended that you get a local guide to help you with your check-in to ensure speed and ease of the process.

Airport Transportation in Lubumbashi

The best option is to take a taxi to Lubumbashi International Airport. Taxis are quite reliable, fast and convenient, ensuring that you get to the airport in time for your flight. There is no bus service to Lubumbashi International Airport, with public transport being rather difficult due to the heavy traffic, and there is no train to Lubumbashi International Airport either. Tourists will find taking a taxi the most convenient way to reach Lubumbashi Airport and arrive in comfort.

Choose Etihad Airways, the National Airline of the United Arab Emirates, for flights from Lubumbashi to Nairobi on which you will be travelling in comfort and style. 

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