Travel to Natori

Book your flights to Natori with Etihad Airways and leave behind the stress and worries of your routine. Founded in 1955 by merging six towns and villages, this sleepy seaside city radiates the culture of a simpler, more historic time.

Top 5 Things To Do in Natori

  • Rise early and experience the Yuriage Harbor Morning Market, one of Japan’s internationally renowned fish markets
  • Relax in the Michinoku Lakeside National Government Park, on of the most beautiful parks in Sendai region
  • Take to the water and cool off during Japan’s pleasantly warm summer months
  • Witness a piece of history at the Nakazawa Family Estate, birthplace of the Nakazawa Clan of Bushi warriors and a national treasure of Japan
  • Celebrate the season at Natori’s Summer Festival and sample some traditional Japanese festival treats, including yakisoba, yakiniku, and kamaboko, a local favourite comprised of fish and bamboo grass

Plan Your Natori Holiday

If a relaxing getaway to a quaint locale, which is steeped in history and rich culture, interests you then we recommend you book your tickets to Natori at the earliest. A temperate summer climate, around 22 °C on average, will keep you comfortable during your stay. Travellers should plan to visit Natori between June and September for the best weather conditions.

Between December and March, weather in and around the city can drop below 0 °C, and there is a good chance of snowfall in the surrounding area. Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts can find ski resorts within an hour and a half drive from the city. Travellers looking for cheap hotels in Natori should schedule their trips in late spring and early autumn to avoid the peak tourist season and winter skiing crowds. Don’t forget to check the deals section of our website for the best flight deals to Natori.

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