With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Townsville is a very popular destination for sun seekers and provides easy access to the Great Barrier Reef. Townsville is situated in the dry tropics region and is a gateway to the Outback, wet tropics rainforest, wetlands teeming with bird life and a number of tropical islands. With The Strand, a 2.5 km beachfront, it is an exciting and vibrant city.





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Tourist information

Flinders Square Visitor Information Centre Flinders Square, Flinders Street, Townsville +61 7 4721 3660 tel@tel.com.au

Travel to Townsville

Booking your flights to Townsville with Etihad Airways is easy and affordable, allowing you to focus on enjoying yourself in Australia’s largest city north of the Sunshine Coast. Nestled in the shadow of the towering Castle hill, this oft-overlooked coastal town has so much more to offer than meets the eye.

Top 5 Things To Do in Townsville

  • Tour The Strand, a waterfront series of parks, restaurants, shops and cultural exhibits guaranteed to intrigue and entertain
  • Catch a bird’s eye view of the city and the coastline from atop great Castle Hill
  • Sail away and leave the world behind with a chartered boat as you explore the lively crystal blue coastal waters
  • Get lost in the picturesque beauty of the Magnetic Island, a charming collection of secluded white beaches, rainforest hikes, and quaint shops and restaurants offering local cuisine
  • Venture beneath the waves and explore the astounding ecosystem that permeates the Great Barrier Reef

Plan Your Townsville Holiday

Townsville features an extremely temperate climate, with warm, rainy summers, and mild, dry winters. A number of local festivals, including the Cultural Fest and the Australian Festival of Chamber Music are celebrated during July and August, though Townsville features a number of other minor festivals throughout the year. Travellers wishing to take part in local festivities should book their tickets to Townsville between July and August.

Townsville experiences 300 days of sunshine per year on average, so there is no ‘bad’ time to go. Bargain hunters looking for cheap hotels in Townsville are advised to make reservations well in advance. Good deals may be found between November and March, when temperatures can reach 31°C and humidity is more pronounced. As always, check the deals section of our website periodically to ensure you get the best flight deals to Townsville available.

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