Travel to Chittagong

Book your flights to Chittagong with Etihad Airways and prepare to immerse yourself in the charm of this the port city in Bangladesh, blessed with a beautiful natural habitat. Chittagong is the commercial capital and presents a blend of different ethnic communities.

Top 5 Things To Do in Chittagong

  • The backpackers and picnickers can head to Foy’s Lake, set in the midst of marvellous surroundings and home to a fun-filled amusement park featuring rides, restaurants, spectacular walking trails and boat rides
  • If you have an appetite for spectacular views of the natural surroundings, then the Patenga Beach, bordered with breathtaking palm trees and fishing boats, is where you should be. Relish the delectable street food served here
  • See the native fauna of Bangladesh in the Dulahazra Safari Park, which is dedicated to preserving the endangered elephants of the area
  • Hop inside the Ethnological Museum that houses rare elements used by various ethnic groups in their day-to-day lives and acquaint yourself with their way of life
  • Delve into the myth of the tortoises that lie floating in the pond at the holy shrine of Baizid Bostami by catching up with the locals there who have tales to tell

Plan Your Chittagong Holiday

With plenty of historical sightseeing destinations, geographically diverse landscapes and abundant scenic natural beauty, Chittagong has something to satisfy the taste of every traveller.

The most preferred time to visit Chittagong is from September to March, when the weather is cool and pleasant. Book your tickets to Chittagong well in advance if you wish to travel during the peak season. June to August is ideal for those looking for cheap hotels in Chittagong. Be privy to the best flight deals to Chittagong through the Deals section on our website.

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