Travel to Chiang Mai

Book your flights to Chiang Mai with Etihad Airways and journey to this ethnically diverse and fascinating city in Thailand. Chiang Mai is the only city where the breath-taking old pagodas co-exist with ultra-modern boutique hotels.

Top 5 Things To Do in Chiang Mai

  • Delve into the timeless charm of this 700 year old city by visiting the Wat Phra That Monastery and other Buddhist temples
  • Stop by the Gàht Dòrk Mái, the city's fresh flower market, abundant with a huge variety of exotic tropical and rare flowers grown in the nearby highlands
  • Observe a herd of the glorious Asian elephants playing and revelling at the Elephant Nature Park
  • Experience Chiang Mai’s most notable contributions to exquisite Thai cuisine - khao soi, in its classic and many modern forms, at one of the several famous eateries in the city centre
  • If you love the eclectic and the unusual, then The Siam Insect-Zoo & Museum is the place to go. Lend an ear to a mosquito taxonomist who will explain the varied collections of insects and their roles

Plan Your Chiang Mai Holiday

In Chiang Mai you can experience a unique combination of the indigenous cultural identity of Thailand and its rich and varied flora and fauna. Its popularity as a premier Asian tourist destination is on the rise hence you must book your tickets to Chiang Mai in advance.

The best time for a visit to Chiang Mai is around November. The weather is pleasant and cheap hotels in Chiang Mai will be easy to find. In April when the weather is quite hot and crowds are unavoidable because of the Songkran festivities of the Thai New Year. You can check for the best flight deals to Chiang Mai using Etihad’s popular Deals section.

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