The sun shines almost all year in Malta and it boasts some of the fairest temperatures in the world. Add the fantastic beaches, the superb Mediterranean cuisine and there shouldn’t be any other destination swimming in your head. Why not try a new sport, laze on an island cruise or tour the most important historic sites? The choice is entirely yours! Together with its other islands, beachlife and nightlife, Malta is a wonderful island to visit.





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Shops are generally open from 09.00 till 13.00 and from 16.00 till 19.00. Some shops in the tourist areas might not close in the afternoon.


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Tourist information

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Travel to Malta

Book your flights to Luqa and travel with style using Etihad Airways. Luqa is located in south-east Malta, and is a destination that is loved for its excellent setting on the Mediterranean Coast.

Top 5 Things To Do in Luqa

  • The Porte des Bombes is a major attraction site in Luqa. The decorative gate was constructed as part of the Valetta’s outer defence walls and is a wonderful depiction of ornamental architecture
  • For a history lesson, visit the Hypogeum of Paola. This underground temple is one of the most inspiring man-made sites made using limestone. A limited number of visitors are allowed in daily to preserve the site for future generations of travellers, so you will need to book in advance
  • The Valletta Waterfront, an 18th century baroque dock, is a spectacle renowned for its lively atmosphere. The waterfront is always bustling with activity; you can take a harbour cruise round it, or dine at one of the fine restaurants as you take in the splendid view
  • Floriana Lines is also a superb sightseeing venue, and this fortification line was built during Grand Master Antoine de Paile’s reign in the 17th century
  • Visit Malta Memorial, which was built in honour of the Commonwealth aircrew whose lives were lost during World War II. The monument is near the City Gate which is the entrance to Valletta

Plan Your Luqa Holiday

You can find flight deals to Luqa by visiting the Deals section of our website. Luqa is increasingly becoming a favourite vacation spot for many, and you might want to purchase your tickets to Luqa before flights become fully booked. Due to its traditional bearing, there are various cheap hotels in Luqa throughout the year. Etihad Airways offers you various flights to Luqa throughout the year.

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