Arriving in Nairobi

Plan your flights to Nairobi with Etihad Airways to enjoy the scenic landscape and well-kept wildlife sanctuaries that are home to a number of diverse wild animals. Also, take some time to enjoy and appreciate the rich history and culture of the city.

Plan Your Nairobi Holiday

Nairobi is famous for safaris, and tourism is increasing rapidly in this city as a result, with the emphasis on the summer months. Nairobi is a destination which can be enjoyed all year round, however, with plenty to attract visitors. Museums, religious buildings and the opportunity to sample the way of life in this African city all contribute to its popularity.

You can expect to find a good package if you want to travel to Nairobi in the months of June and July when the temperatures are moderate and the safari season is in full swing. We advise you to book your tickets to Nairobi as early as possible if you want to visit the city during the safari season. Cheap hotels in Nairobi are available during peak season but need to be booked well in advance. For information on flight deals to Nairobi please visit our Deals section.

Flying from Malawi

Book your flights from Malawi and discover the world with Etihad Airways. Experience the exceptional service and world class aircraft that you have come to expect from Etihad.

Major Airports in Malawi

The largest airport in Malawi is Lilongwe International Airport (LLW). It is located just outside the country’s capital and welcomes 300,000 people a year, providing passengers with shopping and other services such as a business center, a bank and a post office. The second largest airport is Chileka International Airport (BLZ) located nine miles outside of Blantyre, the second largest city in Malawi in the southern portion of the country.

Airport Transportation in Malawi

There is no train to Lilongwe International Airport or to Chileka International Airport. There is also no bus to Lilongwe International Airport, although it is possible to board a bus travelling down the M1 highway and ask the driver to stop at the turn off for the airport. There are no buses to Chileka International Airport and so your best option is to hire a taxi to Lilongwe International Airport. The ride will take approximately 30 minutes. Taxi is also often the best option of ground transportation to Chileka International Airport.

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Interested in Nairobi? Consider Marrakech

Book your flights to Marrakech with Etihad Airways and be enthralled by this fascinating and captivating city, which abounds with history, beauty and Berber tradition.

Plan Your Marrakech Holiday

There are countless reasons to travel to Marrakech but to truly experience the city, allow yourself a few days to explore this energetic and culturally significant destination. From the heart of the city, to the chaotic and occasionally bewildering souks, to the gardens and museums, to the Sahara Desert and the Atlas Mountains and to the tombs and palaces of antiquity, you are sure to have an exhilarating and rewarding experience, which you can contemplate in the many peaceful gardens which the city possesses.

Climate can be an issue; if you struggle with temperature it is best avoid the summer heat from June to August. In this peak season 40 degrees is not unusual. We recommend you book your tickets to Marrakech well in advance and be aware of the climate. The cooler off peak season runs from September to May and is the best time to find cheap hotels in Marrakech. You can visit our Deals section to find flight deals to Marrakech throughout the year.

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