Travel to Kumamoto

Book your flights to Kumamoto today with Etihad Airways. The fusion of traditional Japanese culture and modern ingenuity create a stunning and informative journey through time. Plan your trip today to the immortal land of the samurai.

Top 5 Things to Do in Kumamoto

    • Spend a relaxing day strolling through the magnificent 65 hectares of traditional Japanese gardens of Suizen-ji Park. Be sure to find the miniature recreation of Mt. Fuji and stop to feed the coy at one of the many ponds.
    • Explore Reigando Cave, the final home of one of Japan’s most famous samurai.
    • Take a cable car to the rim of an active Volcano at Mt. Aso high above the city.
    • Feel the thrill of a white water rafting trip on the mighty Kawa-Gawa River.
    • Charter a boat for an afternoon dolphin safari around the many islands just of shore.

Plan Your Kumamoto Holiday

The traditional Japanese elegance literally breathes throughout the city of Kumamoto. There are several absolutely stunning gardens to meander through replete with coy ponds and cherry blossoms to immerse you in a tranquil yet powerful culture. Ancient ruins of days ago abound in sites such as Kumamoto castle and Kikuchi Castle and as well as the infamous Reigando Cave.

The absolute best time to visit Kumamoto is between March and May when the cherry Blossoms are in full bloom and there are many culture festivals to attend. This is also peak tourist season so be sure to book your tickets to Kumamoto well in advance. Cheap hotels in Kumamoto can be easy to find if you travel during the autumn months when there are fewer crowds. Flight deals to Kumamoto can be found through Etihad Airways no matter when you plan to visit this beautiful city.

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