Travel to Kazan

Book your flights to Kazan with Etihad Airways and get ready to enjoy the culture and breathtaking architecture of this picturesque city.

Top 5 Things To Do in Kazan

  • Experience the awe inspiring beauty of the ornate buildings as you visit the Kazan Kremlin
  • Saunter down the pedestrian-only Bauman Street and enjoy the beautiful buildings as you pass glorious fountains and statues
  • Stare at the marvel that is the Leaning Suyumbike Tower, rumoured to be a wedding gift from Ivan the Terrible
  • Spend some quality time with your loved ones as you pass the day away at the Aqua Park Riviera
  • Give your eyes and ears a treat as you listen to classical music at the Kazan Opera House

Plan Your Kazan Holiday

Kazan is truly a gem of a city. It is very tourist friendly with its world class attractions and stunning classical architecture. It even sports a state of the art football stadium. There are several museums to cater to almost anyone’s historical preference and numerous art galleries. Spend the day shopping or having a ride on a waterslide and spend the evening at one of the many theatres or concert halls in this scenic city. There will be plenty to do and see when you buy your tickets to Kazan.

Kazan is a cold country in the winter so if you are looking to find high quality yet cheap hotels in Kazan, winter would definitely be the best time to find one. It may be cold, but in April and May the Nureyev Ballet Festival and the International Opera Festival will occupy most of your evenings. The prime tourist season here runs from late May to late September. Finding flight deals to Kazan is always easy with the Deal section of the Etihad website.