Travel to Chios

Travel to Chios

Book your flights to Chios and experience all the magnificent the art, history and culture that this beautiful Greek Island has to offer. Chios’s regular boat connections throughout the northeastern Aegean Islands means you are never too far away from the neighbouring islands of Psara and Inousses.

Top 5 things to do in Chios

  • Watch the sunset on the western side of the island, where the breathtaking orange, pink, and purple hues highlight the coast beautifully
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most important churches in Greece, the Nea Moni Monastery (New Monastery) located in the valley of Mount Provatas
  • Travel to the north of the city and you will find the Ancient Fortress of Chios, which played an important role in the medieval and modern history of Chios
  • Enveloped by the sparkling sapphire Aegean Sea, Chios has a coastline spanning 213km – the perfect way to unwind
  • Simply walk around one of the popular shopping districts and take a look at the many treats and trinkets on offer

Plan your Chios holiday

Chios is a huge island with a lot of sightseeing. There are many churches, monasteries, temples, archaeological sites, monuments, museums, beaches, castles, fortresses, and so much more to see. If you are planning on booking a holiday to Chios, make your reservations in advance, particularly for the summer months where the tourism season is at its peak. 

Etihad Offices in Greece

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Athens Intl. Airport
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