Travel to Montreal

Book your next flight to Montreal with Etihad Airways, and you can soak in the city’s unique and marvelous beauty in no time. Any traveler can find himself or herself entertained with a variety of museums, historic sites, shopping districts and thriving nightclubs. Folks can learn a bit about the historic city when they explore the 18th Century museum of Vieux-Montreal. Amusement parks, such as Montreal Biodôme and La Ronde can also be a blast for all ages. Meanwhile, if it ever gets to be too chilly, a visitor can always go shopping at one of the malls located in Montreal’s Underground City.

Top 5 Museums in Montreal

  • The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts features more than 30,000 art pieces in the permanent collection.
  • The Montreal Museum of Contemporary Arts is the only museum exclusively devoted to Canadian work, and contains more than 7,000 works.
  • The Pointe-à-Callière, Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History is home to thousands of artifacts, artworks and archaeological pieces detailing the city’s colorful past.
  • The McCord Museum of Canadian History has more than 950,000 artifacts and documents showcasing the nation’s social, cultural, ethnographical and archaeological heritage.
  • The Redpath Museum features everything from authentic minerals and crystals prehistoric dinosaur prints.

Plan Your Montreal Holiday

When a traveler is ready to fly to Montreal, the best time to do so is between March and May, if not September to November. This is when the weather is nice and warm. As long as you don’t mind a little snow in the winter, there is no bad time to travel to Montreal. Just make sure that you book your flight to Montreal in advance, as the booming Canadian town is a fantastic metropolis to visit.

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