Travel to Manado

Book your flights to Manado with Etihad Airways and enjoy a holiday in this eco-friendly city. Manado is great for snorkel diving with tropical fish and even boasts underwater volcanoes. The hot and spicy Minahasa cuisine is well worth a try and the wooden houses are quaint spectacles in themselves.

Top 5 Things To Do in Manado

  • Take a look at one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Indonesia, the wonderfully restored Kienteng Ban Hian Kong, which is an awesome sight and worth a visit
  • Take a boat trip further out to sea and witness the coral gardens sheltered by nearby rock islands
  • Manado is a pleasant area to walk around, so explore the city streets and shops with a stroll through the centre or browse around the markets at the harbour side
  • Try something different and have one of the region’s spiky, strong smelling durian fruits which are local favourites
  • For an adventure, consider a white water rafting experience on one of the three local rivers, with spectacular rapids suitable for various levels of rafters

Plan Your Manado Holiday

Manado is a beautiful city and the locals are renowned for their friendly hospitality. Crystal clear, clean waters and blue skies await your arrival and there is plenty to do, from water activities to meandering through the old streets. Inland from Manado city lies volcanic terrain, worthy of an excursion.

Finding flight deals to Manado is easy with Etihad’s excellent offers. There are scheduled events and festivals at various times of the year, such as September’s Bunaken Festival, or the Manado Beach Festival in July. Book your hotel and travel tickets to Manado in plenty of time to secure the best deals. Cheap hotels in Manado are available for the range of travellers visiting this breathtaking destination.