Travel to  Romania

Book your flights to Romania with Etihad Airways and experience an intriguing country that captures two eras. Old-world structures dot the landscape of a nation transitioning out of communist industrialism, interspaced with vibrant modern architecture signalling Romania’s resurgence and commitment to future development.

Top 5 Things To Do in Romania

  • Satisfy your inner explorer by touring the untamed forests and wild landscapes that cover almost 50% of the country
  • Spend a day in awe touring Ceausescu’s massive Parliamentary Palace
  • Catch an evening concert at the Romanian Athenaeum, a triumphant fusion of artistic architectural design and acoustic excellence
  • Catch an early train and tour the towns outside Bucharest, each a haven with its own customs and charm
  • Visit Peles Castle in Sinaia, where a guided tour will engross you in the modern history of this vibrant and storied country

Plan Your Romania Holiday

Most attractions available to travellers involve prolonged outdoor exposure. As a result, weather conditions should be considered when booking your tickets to Romania. Temperatures in the region vary greatly, with summer heat reaching 40°c, while winter months can be quite cold. We recommend visiting in May or October, when temperatures are moderate and comfortable, although these months represent the peak of the tourist season of the region, so we advise you to book your tickets well in advance.

Some travellers may appreciate cold winter conditions, as snow skiing attractions open in December, and the region celebrates a number of charming Christmas festivals during that period. If you prefer the winter attractions, we recommend planning your vacation in December, as crowds will be fewer than in the summer months and cheap hotels in Romania are easier to find. Don’t forget to check the Deals section of our website for the best flight deals to Romania.

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